Complete Drivel (AUS)

My name's Christian. I'm 30, gay and usually like to talk about shit that pisses me off as well as general observations.


Complete Drivel (AUS)

Lifeguard Dilemma

I was reading about this news story that about a life guard charged with neglect after saving a kid from drowning
00:32:11 1/13/2019

Past Episodes

Version 2 of Dad Jokes
00:21:03 1/8/2019
I get a little ranty and crackpotty in this episode about the media!
00:44:39 1/4/2019
00:16:20 12/30/2018
The Kevin Hart Situation!
00:30:10 12/18/2018
This is a very rant heavy serious (aka boring) episode!
00:20:53 12/14/2018
Here is the recording of 'Complete Drivel Live'. This was the third show, which was in Brisbane!
01:10:11 12/6/2018
I had sexy times with a famous guy!
00:29:32 12/1/2018
Not mine but here are some embarrassing sex tales!
00:15:26 11/2/2018
I was asked by a friend to comment on his documentary about men's issues.
00:34:16 10/30/2018
I found some old high school hymns we used to sing and I sing them...badly!
00:31:51 10/26/2018

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