Complete Drivel (AUS)

My name's Christian. I'm 30, gay and usually like to talk about shit that pisses me off as well as general observations.


Getting With 2 Porn Stars

Matt & Steve aka @oz_gym_boys spill everything on being a porn cam couple!
01:10:14 9/21/2018

Past Episodes

Here are some sexy words and I go through things you have drunk bought
00:22:55 9/18/2018
I have decided to leave my full time job!
00:25:16 9/14/2018
These are pretty gross sex act!
00:18:44 9/11/2018
It's been so long why is no one wanting my sexy body?
00:38:02 9/5/2018
What did you only just learn?
00:23:16 8/28/2018
I am in a foul mood! Mainly because the sex toys were shit.
00:26:43 8/22/2018
I got caught looking at porn on the plane! I AM SO ANNOYED!
00:20:29 8/14/2018
What is going on?
00:22:38 8/7/2018
I have just given up today! So sorry.
00:28:05 8/3/2018
Why am I obsessed with collecting expensive shitty bits of plastic?
00:33:46 7/31/2018

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