Bald Bryan (side kick on the Adam Carolla Show) & his partner Anderson talk everything movies in this weekly podcast.


Summer Recap 2017 // IT

As another summer movie season winds to an end, Anderson and Bryan go through their SUMMER RECAP 2017. They talk about their favorite films of the past few months.

01:25:19 9/15/2017

Past Episodes

Working for this week's explicit rating, Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 USES OF THE "F WORD." With clips to share, this episode is packed full of f***s. Flickfessions: John Wick: Chapter 2, Win It All, Ingrid Goes West
01:31:02 9/8/2017
Anderson and Bryan discuss their TOP 5 SACRIFICES. From live, beating hearts to fried chicken, each of their lists involves the death of some living being.
01:46:00 9/1/2017
Anderson and Bryan light up for the TOP 5 SMOKING SCENES. They each share their favorite moments in film that are made better by carcinogens. Flickfessions: Logan Lucky, John G. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs, Brigsby Bear
01:40:07 8/25/2017
While Bryan is on vacation, he and Anderson dug one of the oldest classic episode aired to date out of the vault. From back when The Film Vault was a radio show, it's TOP 5 DRUG ADDICTED CHARACTERS.
01:06:15 8/18/2017
Anderson and Bryan ponder their TOP 5 WRITER-DIRECTOR DREAM PAIRINGS. They play cupid for their perfect couples of filmmakers.
01:36:06 8/11/2017
Promising controversy, Bryan and Anderson discuss the TOP 5 MOVIES THAT INFLUENCED YOUR RELATIONSHIP. They explain how each of their picks changed their way of thinking at a particular time in their lives. Flickfessions: Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story, Atomic Blonde, Breaking The Maya Code, Terror At The Mall
01:42:12 8/4/2017
Prepare to be disappointed, just as Anderson and Bryan were, by the TOP 5 MOVIES RUINED BY HIGH EXPECTATIONS. Flickfessions: Dunkirk, Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets
01:31:42 7/28/2017
Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 (NON-SUPERHERO) COMIC BOOK MOVIES. No caped crusaders, or men of steel, but great films inspired by even better panels. Flickfessions: War Of The Planet Of The Apes, Post Tenebras Lux, Uzumasa Limelight
01:53:20 7/21/2017
Anderson and Bryan lose their heads over the TOP 5 DECAPITATIONS. From beheadings to gunshot wounds, their lists vary greatly, but with a surprising lack of horror films. Flickfessions: The Big Sick, Spiderman: Homecoming, Cop Car
01:43:56 7/14/2017

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