Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter (AUS)

One issue in global politics explained each week so you know what is really going on - what is really happening, why it is happening and what is likely to happen next. Dr Keith Suter is Australia's leading media commentator on global affairs and geo-politics. This series gives you the global truths in straightforward and short episodes.


The Evolution of Spying

The shift from human intelligence to electronic intelligence. Dr.Keith Suter discusses the evolution of spying, Ian Fleming's motive for writing the James Bond books and Pine Gap, the second most important spy base in the world, which is located in Central Australia.
00:17:47 7/12/2018

Past Episodes

What is populism and why are people suspicious of it? With the election of left-wing populist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico, Dr.Keith Suter looks at the history of populism and what the recent rise in populism tells us about the concerns of the people in these areas.
00:17:44 7/5/2018
Will Trump reduce sanctions against Russia? As US allies in Europe nervously await the upcoming Helsinki summit, Dr Keith Suter discusses what Donald Trump's motivations for meeting Vladimir Putin could be, the extent to which he may be indebted to Russia and the historically tenuous relationship between the two countries.
00:22:02 6/28/2018
Images of Mexican children crying for their parents and locked in cages upon arrival in America have caused an uproar right around the world. Dr Keith sheds light on why Donald Trump is finally backing down on his strategy to separate families at the border, the practicalities of building a wall and why so many flee their country for what they hope will be a better life.
00:26:39 6/21/2018
Can Theresa May get Britain out of the EU unscathed? As the Prime Minister faces backlash this week over Brexit negotiations, Dr Keith Suter explains how the purpose of the European Union has evolved and the implications of Britain leaving it.
00:21:12 6/14/2018
What do Turkey, Venezuela, China and India have in common? According to a recent report, they're all experiencing a mass exodus of millionaires. Dr Keith Suter explains why the wealthy are choosing Australia, Canada and the UAE over the US and Britain - and why our government is welcoming them.
00:22:16 6/7/2018
The British government has been accused of wrongly deporting and detaining Caribbean migrants who arrived in the UK between 1948 and 1971, otherwise known as the Windrush generation. Dr Keith Suter explains the history behind the scandal, the political fallout and why this is a case of the empire strikes back.
00:21:23 5/31/2018
It's the biggest shock election victory of the year. Dr Keith Suter explains how this week, Mahathir Mohamad defied all odds to become the oldest elected leader in the world and whether the rise of democracy and political reform in Malaysia will influence surrounding countries.
00:21:27 5/24/2018
Why has the US moved their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? Dozens have been killed this week following mass protests along the Gaza border. Dr Keith Suter explains why local politics may have motivated the US President and the history behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
00:21:31 5/17/2018
Should Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize? Dr Keith Suter discusses how a group of eighteen House Republicans have rallied to nominate Trump for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, despite the US President pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal this week.
00:18:32 5/10/2018
Islamic State's dual-suicide bombing this week has left many asking when the war in Afghanistan will end? Dr Keith Suter explains why Trump is unlikely to pull out of America's longest conflict and how Osama Bin Laden went from the CIA payroll to Taliban terrorist.
00:20:06 5/3/2018

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