Penn Is Going To Psychedelicize His Soul

Matt joins the CIA, Penn's laparoscopic magic trick & nuttiest fast yet, & Goudeau's TV terrors trip.
01:09:11 6/20/2018

Past Episodes

Penn & Teller take a medical leave, Goudeau's inventions, travel advice from Bonnie Raitt, & Penn's suicide story.
00:45:24 6/17/2018
The second half of Penn's Smodcast from Dogma director Kevin Smith's L.A. home. Diet, diet, health, & diet.
01:08:34 6/13/2018
Penn goes to Red State director Kevin Smith's home to do his Smodcast. Penn & Teller vs. Jay & Silent Bob, Kevin vs. vegetables, & the Wonderful World of Pinker.
01:24:41 6/10/2018
Kostya Kimlat returns to Think Like A Magician with his wife, Amy. Women in magic, getting really close with an audience, & what to do in Florida.
00:44:12 6/6/2018
Fool Us! fooler Kostya Kimlat & his wife Amy join Penn with tales of Soviet communism, Elvis impersonators, diaries, & revisiting art.
00:43:03 6/3/2018
Penn lends reality to a reality show about cakes. He also takes his daughter out on the road for the first time. The Cake vs. Pie battle rages on.
00:58:11 5/30/2018
Penn cracks his head three times in three days. Reddi-Rich was kicked in the kidney & saw people die. How to get out of a fight, Ringo's drum set, & a new opening for the Penn & Teller show.
00:54:40 5/27/2018
2001: A Space Odyssey, Hill Bill in Calgary & Dominican Republic, pies, & a tweeker story.
01:01:48 5/23/2018
Stephen Fry, Ray Comfort, traditional comedy props, & how hard it is to be God.
00:50:03 5/20/2018
Tom Arnold's quest for Trump videos, Penn & Teller slot machine stories, the Jerry Lewis estate auction, The Happiness Curve, & 36 Arguments For The Existence Of God.
00:57:33 5/16/2018

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