Eating Good In The Ethiopian Neighborhood

Is Universal Studios the Rolling Stones of amusement parks? Penn attempts innovation at an Ethiopian restaurant, & the International Rowing Championship Riot.
00:52:54 8/15/2018

Past Episodes

The 4:20 episode: Drugs, salad stories, vanishing from the face of the Earth, & Tobasco tea.
00:55:26 8/12/2018
The second half of our visit with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. What his diet is all about, why we care, & his new book, Fast Food Genocide. If this is your first episode, what are you doing? It says "part II" right there in the title. Go back one. (Prerecorded June 10, 2018.)
00:49:42 8/8/2018
Dr. Joel Fuhrman returns with his new book, Fast Food Genocide, helps Penn prepare for his water fast with Dr. Klaper, & reveals his secrets to eating healthy on the road. (Prerecorded June 10, 2018.)
00:46:36 8/5/2018
Reddi-Rich tries to hate David Blaine & fails. Matt has a great Hill Bill show in New Jersey. Geek vs. Magic, the morality of hurting yourself on stage, & the greatest magic trick of all time.
00:51:37 8/1/2018
Penn returns from his water fast to address his embrace of woo.
00:59:29 7/29/2018
Dueling liars, Johnny's mentors, & freak show stories.
01:06:19 7/25/2018
Johnny Thompson & Piff the Magic Dragon give magic advice to Hill Bill & other budding young magicians.
00:54:30 7/22/2018
Dr. Klaper closes out our last episode before Penn psychedelicizes his soul.
00:53:42 7/18/2018
Dr. Klaper visits to kick off Penn's 21-day water fast.
00:51:21 7/15/2018
Property of Ringo, breaking office furniture, how to talk to your parents, & avoiding nostalgia.
01:06:46 7/11/2018
Half Japanese, The Shaggs, & crossing generation gaps with Duplex Planet creator David Greenberger.
00:59:57 7/8/2018
A eulogy for Troy Hurtubise, camp stories, & another great idea for our alternate careers.
00:43:27 7/4/2018
Teller prepares for surgery, Penn & Dr. Klapper prepare for the water fast, stories about glass, & life in the slow lane.
00:43:51 7/1/2018
Matt's booked in the Mac King room, sitting without distraction, & onstage bleeding.
00:54:07 6/27/2018

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