Puka Up with Wayne Schwass (AUS)

Wayne is a respected AFL and VFL legend playing 282 games with North Melbourne and the Sydney Swans Football Clubs. In 2006, he announced he had suffered depression for more than ten of his fourteen-year playing career and since his retirement in 2002 has become one of the country's leading mental health advocates culminating in the creation of his new social enterprise, PukaUp 

"Pukka" is a Hindi word which means authentic and genuine. Having authentic and genuine conversations about mental health and emotional well-being helps to normalise these types of conditions. In this series, Wayne talks to well-known people and leaders about their experience of mental health and emotional wellbeing issues or their work in their chosen field. Guests including former Prime Minister & chair of Beyond Blue Julia Gillard, Sydney Swans Coach John Longmire, Olympic Gold Medalist Libby Trickett, Host of the Bachelor Australia and Bachelorette; Osher GŁnsberg, Olympic Hurdle Finalist Kyle Vander Kuyp, Australian Diamonds Caitlin Thwaites, Australian of the Year Pat McGorry, Dally M Winner Preston Campbell, Former Richmond Coach Danny Frawley and Will McMahon & Woody Whitelaw from Hit92.9 Heidi, Will & Woody.


Puka Up with Wayne Schwass (AUS)

Wellbeing and Gut Health - Simone Austin

There is growing evidence that gut health plays a significant role in our wellbeing and overall physical and emotional health. Food and mood are intricately connected and understanding the relationship between our brain-gut axis, good bacteria, probiotics, prebiotics and a balanced diet means we can have the power to positively change our gut health within days. In this episode, Wayne sits down with Simone Austin. Simone is a qualified dietician, she has worked with the Australian Cricket Team and is currently working with the Hawthorn Football Club and Swisse. In this episode we discuss: ? Gut health, what is it ? How you can change your gut health within days ? Food is important for your mood ? Positive affect gut health has on your wellbeing ? 3 things you can do today for your gut health www.pukaup.com www.pukaup.com/help www.facebook.com/pukaup @pukaup (Instagram) @pukaup (Twitter) @wayneschwass (Instagram) @wayneschwass (Twitter)
00:46:32 1/16/2019

Past Episodes

Happiness means different things to different people. Many of us find ourselves caught in the endless pursuit of happiness, always looking for the next thing that will result in everlasting happiness but never quite achieving the goal. Are there things we do that limit our ability to achieve happiness and equally are there things we do that can enhance our ability to be truly happy. Dr. Tim Sharp is the founder and 'Chief Happiness Officer' of the Happiness Institute as well as being a clinical psychologist. Tim knowledge, experience and expertise was the driving reason behind his decision to create the Happiness Institute and focus on this important topic. In this episode we discuss: * What is happiness * Happiness consists of positive emotions, purpose, healthy lifestyle & connection * Traps that impact our ability to be happy * Things we can all do to help us reach a state of happiness * Practical advice to help get your started on your journey towards happiness * Social Media * Mindfulness & meditation * Tyranny of when Contact Tim https://www.drhappy.com.au @the happinessinstitute (Instagram) @drhappy (Twitter) PukaUp www.pukaup.com www.pukaup.com/help www.facebook.com/pukaup @pukaup (Instagram) @pukaup (Twitter) @wayneschwass (Instagram) @wayneschwass (Twitter)
00:50:54 1/10/2019
The relationship we have with food can have a significant impact on our physical and mental health. Understanding the relationship between our foods and moods can be difficult but learning about our diet allows us to begin to make different, positive decisions that lead to healthier outcomes. Joel Feren, aka @the_nutritionguy is a qualified dietician and nutritionist. Joel has a passion for food and helping people and businesses understand the role food plays and how to make positive changes in their lives. In this episode we discuss: * The relationship between food and our moods * Moods influence our food choices * We are eating our way to sickness * A healthy diet is a form of self-care and should be part of your toolbox * Small subtle changes can lead to significant positive changes * Weight loss should not be the focus, health and a healthy life style including diet should be the goal * Gut-brain axis Contact Joel https://thenutritionguy.com.au/about/ @the_nutritionguy (Instagram) @the_nutritiong (Twitter) https://www.facebook.com/thenutritiong/ PukaUp www.pukaup.com www.pukaup.com/help www.facebook.com/pukaup @pukaup (Instagram) @pukaup (Twitter) @wayneschwass (Instagram) @wayneschwass (Twitter)
00:33:14 1/3/2019
Living in a stressful and face-paced world the ability to slow down and tune in to our internal world is a skill that often evades us. Meditation is a tool that can help you develop your self-awareness and importantly help reduce stress. In this episode, Wayne sits down with Tami Roos (wife to Paul Roos) to explore the practise of meditation, to understand the difference between meditation and mindfulness and the many benefits a meditation practise can bring to your life. In this episode we discuss: * Meditation is a relaxation tool * Meditation helps to develop a level of self-awareness * How to choose a practise that is right for you * The only way you 'fail' with meditation is by not doing it * Meditation is a cumulative practise, the more you do it the better the results * If we don't develop our mind muscles, then we will always be reactive * We have prioritised our mobile phones over our minds * Meditation helps us look after our minds * The number 1 benefit of meditation is the 'reduction of stress' Contact Tami @tami_roos (Instagram) @tamiroos (Twitter) PukaUp www.pukaup.com www.pukaup.com/help www.facebook.com/pukaup @pukaup (Instagram) @pukaup (Twitter) @wayneschwass (Instagram) @wayneschwass (Twitter)
00:47:10 12/27/2018

The Christmas holiday period can be a wonderful time spent celebrating with family and friends. It is also a stressful and difficult time for many people within our families and communities.

What do we do during these challenging times if we feel overwhelmed, stressed, emotional or living with mental health conditions? Equally, it can also be difficult to know what to do if we are concerned about a family member or friend.  

In this special Christmas episode, Wayne sits down with psychiatrist and former Australian of the Year Pat McGorry to discuss some of the early warning signs of stress and potential mental health conditions, what to do if we identify with any signs, what strategies we can use to help cope with stressful situations or emotions. 

Pat also offers some important advice for anyone who might be suicidal as well as advice for family and friends who are trying to support a loved one who is suicidal. 

In this episode we discuss:

* Early warning signs of stress and potential mental health conditions

* What to do if we identify with any warning signs or symptoms

* Types of behaviours, decisions that are not helpful 

* Strategies that we can use to help ourselves

* Strategies that family and friends can use to help a loved one

* What to do if we are feeling suicidal

* What to do if we are concerned about a loved one who is suicidal

Getting Help

Emergency support 000
Lifeline 13 11 14
Beyondblue 1300 22 46 36
Sane 1800 18 72 63
Panda 1300 72 63 06
Mind Australia 1300 28 64 63
Mensline 1300 78 99 78
Kids Help Line 1800 55 18 00
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 65 94 67
Qlife 1800 18 45 27


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00:23:54 12/19/2018
What is mindfulness and how can it improve our mental health and lives? Developing our ability to slow down, breathe, become aware and focus our mind & body is a skill, a skill developed through the practise of mindfulness. In this episode, Wayne sits down with Marike Knight who owns and runs her Mindfulness business www.coolkarmacollected.com. Marike's mission is simple, "to improve the lives of all Australians by teaching individuals and organisations to live with presence and have complete access to all the tools they need to achieve that through Mindfulness." In this episode we discuss: * How mindfulness helped Marike deal with and ultimately work through the trauma of her father's suicide * The difference between mindfulness & meditation * How mindfulness helps build our capacity to be present * Mindfulness helps us become comfortable with being uncomfortable * Why a wondering mind is useful when practising mindfulness * Mindfulness is a journey of self-discovery & you can do it without practise * Mindfulness is an absolute necessity for our mental health * Mindfulness isn't going to make you happy * The positive affects mindfulness has on our physical and emotional health Contact Marike www.coolkarmacollected.com CoolKarmaCollected (Facebook) @cool.karma.collected (Instagram) @MarikeKnight (Twitter) PukaUp www.pukaup.com www.pukaup.com/help www.facebook.com/pukaup @pukaup (Instagram) @pukaup (Twitter) @wayneschwass (Instagram) @wayneschwass (Twitter)
00:48:10 12/13/2018
How can food help reduce inflammation and impact mental health conditions? Can small incremental daily changes to your nutrition lead to life changing results? Wayne speaks with dietician, Simone Austin about the difference between nutrition and diet, why diets are destined to fail and why a focus on health is key. Simone Austin is a qualified dietician, she has worked with the Australian Cricket Team, Hawthorn Football Club and Swisse. In this episode we discuss: The relationship between our diet and our mental health Diet should focus on health instead of weight loss The role stress plays in the way we eat Nutrition can be a preventative strategy in our wellbeing The connection between our gut health and mood 3 Things you can do today to help yourself www.pukaup.com www.pukaup.com/help www.facebook.com/pukaup @pukaup (Instagram) @pukaup (Twitter) @wayneschwass (Instagram) @wayneschwass (Twitter)
00:45:18 12/6/2018
Understanding the difference between a Psychologist and Psychiatrist can be confusing; types of treatments, differences in strategies, knowing when to engage one over the other and are there times they work together. In this episode, Wayne sits down with Dr Tim Sharp, a qualified psychologist to explain the key differences so you can make more informed decisions about treating professionals. Dr Tim Sharp is the founder & 'Chief Happiness Officer' of the Happiness Institute. In this episode we discuss: The difference between a Psychologist & Psychiatrist The types of treatments Psychologists & Psychiatrists offer Trust and why it's important for the patient and professional Importance of finding a professional you connect with Psychologists are not there to judge you 3 Things you can do today to help yourself www.pukaup.com www.pukaup.com/help www.facebook.com/pukaup @pukaup (Instagram) @pukaup (Twitter) @wayneschwass (Instagram) @wayneschwass (Twitter)
00:45:53 11/29/2018
Doctors play such an important role in your mental health and Wayne believes it's vital you find a GP that you connect with and trust to help you manage and maintain your wellbeing. In this episode, Wayne sits down with Harry Unglik. Harry has been Wayne's doctor for more than 30 years helping him through some very difficult stages in his life and continues to play an important role in Wayne's mental health and wellbeing journey. In this episode we discuss: The role a GP plays in helping people with mental health conditions The difference between a Psychologist & Psychiatrist Mental Health Plans Medication The importance of exercise, sleep, diet and having fun Why it's important to look after your mental health when caring for another person Why you shouldn't make any big life decisions when dealing with mental health conditions www.pukaup.com www.pukaup.com/help www.facebook.com/pukaup @pukaup (Instagram) @pukaup (Twitter) @wayneschwass (Instagram) @wayneschwass (Twitter)
00:43:49 11/22/2018
Wayne Schwass introduces season two of Puka Up
00:01:32 11/15/2018
In this bonus episode, Wayne sat down with good friend Danny Frawley. A former captain of his beloved St Kilda Football Club, former coach of the Richmond Football Club, previous CEO of the AFL Coaches Association and a fun loving wise cracking larger than life AFL media performer and identity Spud talks openly about how the Essendon Supplements saga tipped him over the edge, the day he rang his wife from the carpark of the MCG unable to remember how to get home, his nervous breakdown while juggling multiple responsibilities during a tumultuous period in his life, locking himself inside his house and being unable to answer the door when concerned friends visited and eventually his long road to recovery and how his conditions have given him a new perspective on life.

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