A weekly inspirational and motivation podcast in which Adam Carolla interviews executives, inventors, authors and others pioneers and leaders in their respective fields about how they achieved success and how you can too.

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Dr. Stephen Meyer joins Adam for this week's Take A Knee as they explore Dr. Meyer's work in the field of intelligent design. Adam and Dr. Meyer use several different lenses in an attempt to frame the topic in a way that those who dismiss it as pseudoscientific are able to see that the reason many think that way is contributed to as a fear of Darwinism breaking down and resultantly setting back work that people view as established fact.
01:09:19 3/12/2018
Ace is joined by digital marketing strategist Phillip Stutts to talk about how the marketing landscape has changed and why coming from a world of politics improves your drive in digital marketing. Ace and Phillip then talk about the percentage of voters who can actually be swayed. Phillip then talks to Ace about his esophageal disease, how he lives day to day and why he wouldn't go back and change his life in any way. 
01:07:46 3/5/2018
Twenty-seven year old restauranteur, Jeremy Fall joins the show to talk about the culinary landscape in Los Angeles. Adam and Jeremy start with Jeremy's upbringing in his mother's cafe and how that taught him how to "work." Jeremy then talks about the difficulty running a restaurant and why having a team of people who truly care about the customer is his greatest asset.
01:00:53 2/26/2018
Loveline favorite and former drummer of Goldfinger, Darrin Pfeiffer joins Ace today to chat about the hey day of rock and roll. From trashing the Sex Pistols dressing room to infighting with band mates they cover it all. Plus Ace and Darrin talk about why it's important to look to the future and realize that nothing lasts forever.
00:58:21 2/19/2018
Today on the show, Jesse Tevelow sits down with Adam to discuss how to best navigate a new world of entrepreneurship. Adam and Jesse talk about Jesse's company LaunchTeam and why a book can be the pillar of your brand. They then chat about Jesse's successes and failures in the world of business from a young age and how persistence is the key ingredient to a successful entrepreneur.
01:00:48 2/12/2018

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