A weekly inspirational and motivation podcast in which Adam Carolla interviews executives, inventors, authors and others pioneers and leaders in their respective fields about how they achieved success and how you can too.

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Chip Conley joins the show to talk to Adam about his new book Wisdom at Work. Adam and Chip discuss Chip's years in hospitality and how he turned a 26 year old dream into one of the largest hotel chains in the country. They then discuss Chip's tenure with Air BnB and why kids do not respect elders the way they used to.
00:55:00 9/17/2018
The Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant joins the show to talk to Adam about his life after the NBA and his new kids podcast 'The Punies'. Kobe talks to Adam about his media company which produced the Academy Award winning 'Dear Basketball', and his new podcast 'The Punies', which highlights the lessons that kids can learn through sports. Adam then asks Kobe about what it was like growing up and how he overcame poor performance early on in his career. Adam then asks Kobe his daily regimen... turns out he still wakes up at an ungodly hour to work out.
00:33:00 9/10/2018
The Sage of South Central, Larry Elder joins the show today to talk to Adam about his amazing journey and career in broadcasting. Larry and Adam talk about the lessons that Larry learned from his father and their reconciliation after not speaking for 10 years. They then cover some of the problems facing the country and what we can do to fix them.
00:57:00 9/3/2018
Gerda Seifer joins the show today to tell her harrowing story of surviving the Holocaust. Gerda recounts to Adam what it was like to grow up under fascist rule of both Germans and Russians in the early stages of the war. As the war progresses, German rule expands in her country and her family has to do their best to survive.
01:06:00 8/27/2018
Michael Chandler joins the show today to talk about his career in Mixed Martial Arts. Adam and Michael talk about the work it takes to get to the top of any profession and the pitfalls that await you at every turn. Michael also talks to Adam about what's in store for his fighting future and the big question... will he join the UFC?
00:58:00 8/20/2018

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