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LI Podcast 051818

Guest Host Raymond Arroyo welcomes Mike Huckabee (Former Governor of Arkansas) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).
01:15:00 5/18/2018

Past Episodes

Andy McCarthy - National Review Judicial Writer and Former US Attorney for the Southern District of NY on NY Times piece "I think what they've really done here is put out important facts but spin it in a way that completely misses what happened" Rep. Kevin McCarthy -- CA-23 - Likely next Speaker of the House of Representatives on discharge petitions "it's the issue of walking through the committee instead of just turning something over in the process"
01:15:00 5/17/2018
Mike Pillsbury: This ZTE Decision Makes the President Look Bad, I Worry Not Taking Bolton's Advice Makes him Look Weak
01:15:00 5/16/2018
Joe diGenova: Rosenstein and Sessions Have Been Told 'Your Jobs Are not Secure'
01:15:00 5/15/2018
Alex Azar - Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services "The President is attacking this tough, we're gonna bring down those drug prices" Gordon Chang - China & North Korea Expert, author & columnist on Trump ZTE stance "Iran and North Korea sanctions are so much more important than helping Chinese workers" Donald Trump Jr. - First Son to President Donald J. Trump "People are actually starting to see the fruits of my father's labor"
01:15:00 5/14/2018
Pat Buchanan - Conservative Author, columnist and commentator "There are a lot of people listening to Donald Trump and agreeing with him" Sen. Dan Hall - State Senator from Minnesota authoring 'In God We Trust' Bill "I think a lot of people have not read the separation of Church and State, it's all about Congress, it's not about church or the religious people"
01:15:00 5/11/2018
Hogan Gidley - Deputy White House Press Secretary "This President has been flying in the face of all his detractors since the moment he took office" Sen. Jim Risch -- (R-ID) - Member of the Senate Intel Committee on Haspel confirmation hearings "It's definitely a double standard"
01:15:00 5/10/2018
Rep. Kevin McCarthy - House Majority Leader, R-CA on Trump withdrawing from Iran deal "I think he just made the world safer"
01:15:00 5/9/2018
Newt Gingrich - 50th Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Author of Vengeance and Understanding Trump "I've never seen a year with as many things happening at the same time" Dan Stein - President of FAIR (Foundation for Immigration Reform) "Illegal immigration is very responsive to messages we send around the world"
01:15:00 5/8/2018
Andy McCarthy - Contributing Editor at the National Review, Former US Attorney in New York's Southern District "what these guys are ultimitely thinking about is Impeachment" Byron York - Chief Political Reporter at the Washington Examiner on redacted report pages "the FBI agents that interviewed Flynn did not think he was lying"
01:15:00 5/7/2018
Guest Host John Hinderaker welcomes Sol Wisenberg (Partner in the Washington, DC office of Nelson Mullins and Deputy Independent Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation) and Ken Paxton (Attorney General of Texas).
01:15:00 5/4/2018

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