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LI Podcast 121517

Steve Moore - FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor, Founder of Club for Growth, former Chief Heritage Foundation Economist and Economics Writer at the Wall Street Journal on Tax Bill: We're very generous for families with kids. Brian Kilmeade - Fox and Friends Host, Author of Andrew Jackson and the Miracle in New Orleans: If you want perfect people on statues, we're gonna be a nation of empty pedestals.
01:15:00 12/15/2017

Past Episodes

Victor Davis Hanson: Mueller Was Duplicitous in Removing Anti-Trump Members of His Team and Now He is Being Praised for His Duplicity Roger Stone on Omarosa: She's not a conservative, doesn't understand the Trump agenda; She's Angry Over Her Firing
01:15:00 12/14/2017
Steve Flowers - Alabama Political Reporter, Historian, and author of weekly syndicated column Inside the State House, appearing in 66 Alabama newspapers statewide on election: there was a 45 percent turn out for a special election. Byron York - Chief Political Correspondent, Columnist for the Washington Examiner, and Fox News Contributor: Roy Moore has always been very divisive. Rep. Gary Palmer - Alabama Congressman (R-6) on Roy Moore: We had the one candidate with a scandal that should've absolutely destroyed any other candidate.
01:15:00 12/13/2017
Rep. Mo Brooks: Roy Moore is Lightyears Better Than Jones on Illegal Immigrants, Building the Wall, Confirming Conservative Justices
01:15:00 12/12/2017
Guest Host Raymond Arroyo welcomes Pat Buchanan, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, and Michael Farris.
01:16:00 12/11/2017
John Fund - National Affairs columnist for National Review on harassment allegations in Washington "we're in a feeding frenzy"

Rep. Jim Jordan - R-OH, House Freedom Caucus Member "If being anti-Trump would get you kicked off Mueller's team, there wouldn't be any team left"
01:15:00 12/8/2017
Lewandowski: I Remember When Steve Schmidt Came to Us Begging for a Job. Now He's Criticizing Trump Just Because He Didn't Get the Job.

Rep. Todd Rokita: I Would Fully Support the Renaming of San Francisco Park After Kate Steinle
01:15:00 12/7/2017
Joy Villa on Giving Up Her Baby for Adoption: Even though I had made mistakes, I knew that my baby was innocent and deserved a beautiful life.
01:15:00 12/6/2017
Alan Dershowitz: You Simply Cannot Be Charged for Obstruction of Justice for Exercising Your Article II Authority as President and Calling Congress
01:15:00 12/5/2017
Andy McCarthy - National Review Writer & Editor, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of NY
"Mueller is trying to build an obstruction case"

James Rosen - Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent on Nunes Panel demands:
"The DOJ and the FBI claim that they have been very responsive to the House Intelligence Committees request for documents"
01:15:00 12/4/2017
Jeremy Siegel: The Promise of the Corporate Tax Cut is Driving the Boom in the Markets

Sen. Mike Lee - Tax Cuts Will be Done by December 'Because They Have To'
01:15:00 12/1/2017

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