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"We Fact Up" was born out of the notion that before the internet existed people would have to actually try and work things out for themselves when asked a question. Like, "what does 'O.K.' stand for?" or "who invented the high five?". Listeners send in their questions, the gang then try to work the answer out without the help of Google. After a lot of discussion and general stupidity, the team then see how close (or how far off in most cases) they were to the answer - hopefully to hilarious, or mildly amusing, results.


Ep 88: The origin of 'Bees Knees' & the Pope who wrote erotica?

We have a competition running and the winner will get to write Martine's Tinder Profile for 1 week. Get on board and help him find the weird little family of his dreams. Also there was a pope in the 1400s who wrote erotica before he became a pope and that's something that needs to be examined, don't you think? Plus why would anyone invent the term 'Bees Knees' and how were they expecting that to be used in every day life?
00:34:00 7/16/2018

Past Episodes

Really hope PETA is listening to this one as there may be some serious advocating for pigs parachuting out of planes, which we of course would never condone, but it does make for some funny chat. Swine flu, war pigs, and how Redd would fair as the general in the war of the pigs are all up for discussion. Spoiler - he would not go well.
00:28:00 7/11/2018
Kim Jong Un has been in the news a lot lately, and his fat little face is something we just can't get enough of, but the dictator may have gone too far when he stole The Great Barrier Reefs 5 Star Floating Hotel - fact or fiction, tune in to find out. And on this episode we have a very special surprise for the man behind the cans, Le Martini De Wee Man.
00:31:00 7/2/2018
If you've got Buckley's chance, you've got nothing, nada, no possibility whatsoever of achieving your pre-determined goal. For example you could say Australia have Buckley's chance at making it through the world cup. But who was the original Buckley and why were their chances so slim? And if something's a cake walk is it a walk in the cake? No, most likely not, that's ridiculous, why would you think such things? Silly. What you will discover in this episode is just what a cakewalk is and how you too can enjoy one.
00:30:00 6/24/2018
Somehow Amal Clooney became involved in our discussion of safe words in this week's episode, which no one saw coming. We also tried to figure out why they call it "caught red handed", what Will Smith's musical mate was called and what the hell the sly grog riot was all about. Was it Sylvester Stallone, was it a sneaky riot? Who knows. We do. Now. Take a listen.
00:31:00 6/13/2018
The Jim Crow laws have been hotly discussed lately with the release of Childish Gambinos video 'This Is America' and while we aren't qualified whatsoever to speak on the matter, we did have a red hot go of it. Plus a listener in British Columbia, Josh, may be in more serious trouble and we're only too happy to help get him out of the basement that he may or may not be kidnapped in.
00:35:00 6/7/2018
Have you ever thought about where 'to go cold turkey' originated, because if not, you should. It's so weird! We give it our best shot ranging from a turkey trying to quit cigarettes and the country Turkey losing power. We also put the spotlight on the boycott and discover its strange origins. Plus Martine's Tinder Facting continues. Find out all the answers by listening to the show!
00:30:00 5/27/2018
Endangered and tasty, these delightfully bent fruits are God's gift to humanity, but why did God choose to give them that perfect little bend in them that makes it fit so snug in your hands (and mouth. And possibly other areas)? We go to all corners of our minds, including the Kirk Cameron corner, to find the answers. Plus, looking to make friends, well we give you the BEST conversation starter to help 'break the ice' yourself. It'll change your life! Oh and will Martine find love on Tinder.... let's see.
00:38:00 5/21/2018

With the royal wedding in full swing we know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be doing some buttering up, but where did the term come from & why do we still use it? Plus Donald Trump is all about firing people (he actually tried to trademark the term "you're fired"), so we tried to figure out who would the first person to actually fire someone? The answer will surprise you.



00:27:00 5/12/2018

It wasn't great for Neo when he saw the black cat in the Matrix, but why do the rest of us think of them as bad luck? Plus we find out why Russian Astronauts, also known as cosmonauts, took a shotgun into space and how that may have been the worst decision they ever made. And that's saying something.


00:38:00 5/6/2018

Two facts you can take to work and impress/embarrass your friends with. Learn the origins of crossing our fingers for good luck and where 'close but no cigar comes from'. Also Qantas has made some complaints about us and this could signal the end of our relationship with Alan Joyce. 



00:35:00 4/18/2018

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