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Do you love to complain about everything? Are celebrities the most interesting people in the world? Do you drink wine? You've picked the right podcast! Host Kelly Keegs is sitting down to have a glass of wine & whine her heart out, right alongside you. Every Wednesday we'll dish on the latest gossip, give out tons of solicited AND unsolicited advice, all while maintaining our difficult everyday lives!


Whine With Kelly x Corinne Olympios

What's up ya'llllllll, this week we have on the one and only Corinne Olympios!! (@colympios) We talk about our childhoods, getting rid of friends who get jealous of you for being famous, and a casual deep dive into the story of Madeline. Tune into @kelly.keegs LIVE on Instagram every Monday at 10pm Bachelorette episode recaps! FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com?
00:55:33 6/12/2018

Past Episodes

This week we have on Comedian/Host/All Around Queen Michelle Collins (@MichColl) to discuss her newest web show #SearchHistory, living in LA versus living in NYC, being a superstitious person and of course, The Bachelorette. Tune into @kelly.keegs LIVE on Instagram every Monday at 10pm Bachelorette episode recaps! FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com?
00:55:33 6/5/2018
Audio of @kelly.keegs instagram live Bachelorette premiere recap. Tune in every Monday at 10pm! DOWNLOAD RATE SUBSCRIBE JUST DO IT
00:55:33 6/4/2018
Kelly breaks down the full list of this season's Bachelorette contestants. And yes, some are ugly. But there are one or two that are SMOKING HOT.  Tune in for Instagram Live stories every monday starting 5/28 at 10pm! FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly www.whinewithkelly.com
00:55:33 5/22/2018
The only Royal Wedding Breakdown you need to hear. Kelly discusses the outfits, the shade, the ex girlfriends, and of course the fury at the lack of an invitation to the after party. FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney? @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:55:33 5/21/2018
This week we have comedian @Rachaelnobrien on to discuss life, relationships and trying to make it in this world. Kelly also talks about Francis Bean Cobain's divorce, Chrissy Teigen's pizza baby announcement, Gigi Hadid's improper social media etiquette, and Kendall Jenner's fake lips. Why can't we all just talk about our plastic surgery??!! FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:55:33 5/18/2018
Meghan Markle's dad is back in the hospital, 5 days before the wedding of the year. What the fuck is Meghan going to do? FOLLOW: @whinewithkelly @kellykeegs
00:55:33 5/14/2018
This week starts out with an interview with @NicoleBooz, the author of "The Kidult Handbook." Next we get into the best/worst dressed at The Met Gala, and also just some random tangents because obviously I can't keep a train of thought!  FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney? @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:55:33 5/9/2018
This week we have on author Jessica Misener to talk about her latest book, Things To Do Before You're 30\. From doing your own taxes, spending the extra $3 on branded items instead of CVS knockoffs, and traveling the world, there's something for everyone on this massive list. Kelly also talks about new hot dad John Stamos, True Thompson, Coachella/Yodeling Kid and a horrifying Uber story that's going viral.  BUY THE BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Things-Before-Youre-Done-Live/dp/1507207336 FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com?
00:55:33 4/17/2018
This week Kelly is back to talk about Khloe Kardashian's real-life D-R-A-M-A with Tristan Thompson's leaked cheating tapes. She also talks about A Quiet Place, Blockers, and a drunk trip to California resulting in a trip to the Church of Cannabis. FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com?
00:55:33 4/11/2018
This week we have on Amy Kaufman (@AmyKinLA), author of "Bachelor Nation", a tell-all book of absolutely everything behind the scenes on The Bachelor. We talk about how she got started writing the book, how she was able to do all of this research, and what the people of ABC think of her now that this is all out in the open. An absolute must-listen for anyone wanting to know the ins and outs of the most profitable reality TV show in existence.  FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com?
00:55:33 3/20/2018

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