Whine with Kelly

Do you love to complain about everything? Are celebrities the most interesting people in the world? Do you drink wine? You've picked the right podcast! Host Kelly Keegs is sitting down to have a glass of wine & whine her heart out, right alongside you. Every Wednesday we'll dish on the latest gossip, give out tons of solicited AND unsolicited advice, all while maintaining our difficult everyday lives!


Whine with Kelly

Whine With Kelly x E!'s Nina Parker

Kelly travels to a fancy hotel to talk to Nina Parker of E! (@MzGossipGirl) about hosting television shows, being on the red carpet with real life celebrities, and how it's never too late to drop everything and follow your passion. **For real, this episode is inspirational as hell. LOVE Nina.** Remember to check out @kelly.keegs Live Bachelor Recap every week at 10pm, @whinewithkelly IGTV for the videos, and whinewithkelly.com for ~blogs~  FOLLOW  @kellykeegs  @whinewithkelly  @kmclhinney  @ksteinbauer47  www.whinewithkelly.com
00:48:46 2/12/2019

Past Episodes

We have on Robert Mills from ABC to talk about the behind the scenes world of The Bachelor, and how the internet has made it 100 times better. We even get an EXCLUSIVE about a future Gate-Jump by THE Chris Harrison.  Remember to check out @kelly.keegs Live Bachelor Recap every week at 10pm, @whinewithkelly IGTV for the videos, and whinewithkelly.com for ~*blogs*~  FOLLOW  @kellykeegs  @whinewithkelly  @kmclhinney  @ksteinbauer47  www.whinewithkelly.com
00:34:38 2/4/2019
Kelly has on @realchadjohnson to discuss ABC vs MTV, Ex on the Beach and how Chad isn't really a villain anymore in real life. Kelly also jumps on afterwards to talk about Chad & Kendra Wilkinson's "relationship," Ariana Grande's fucked up tattoo and Maggie Rogers & Poppy. Remember to check out @kelly.keegs Live Bachelor Recap every week at 10pm, @whinewithkelly IGTV for the videos, and whinewithkelly.com for ~*blogs*~ FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:27:28 1/30/2019
Kelly sits down with @Alexandra__harper @alisabethfuller and @rachyldegman from Music City to discuss reality TV show life, married life, drinking too much in college and finally getting boobs at age 25\. Kelly also pops in at the end to talk about Chris Brown, R Kelly, Ariana Grande and the Oscar Nominations. Remember to check out @kelly.keegs IG LIVE every week for Bachelor Recaps, and @whinewithkelly IGTV to rewatch for the rest of your life. Also check out whinewithkelly.com for ~*blogs*~ FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:46:32 1/22/2019
A good old fashioned straight up shooting the shit episode with @JJFromTheBronx. Kelly & Jack talk about social media (duh), how there's too much TV on TV now, Medical Marijuana, and Jack guilts Kelly about her Juul addiction for 30 minutes straight, leading into an in depth discussion about Silicon Valley and good versus bad obituaries. Yes, we smoked a little weed beforehand. Remember to check out @whinewithkelly IGTV every week for Bachelor recaps, and www.whinewithkelly.com for ~blogs~ FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
01:49:21 1/16/2019
Whine With Kelly is BACK in action for 2019\. We kick off the year by bringing back Ryan and Trent from the original #ComingUpRoses squad to do a full, in depth breakdown of every girl on Colton's upcoming season of the Bachelor, premiering TONIGHT! Get your wine out, it's time to bitch. FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly www.whinewithkelly.com
01:35:08 1/6/2019
A surprise Thanksgiving episode of #WWK featuring Vella Lovell, from the greatest show of all time Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Vella tells us all about filming Crazy Ex Girlfriend, what it's like to shoot for a TV show versus a movie, her new Christmas movie coming out on Netflix, and how she was locked away in the woods in Michigan learning the piano for a good portion of her life. She even plays us a beautiful rendition of My Heart Will Go On. Yes, on the piano.  See you on January 7th! FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:39:51 11/20/2018
Comedian & actress & badass Lyric Lewis (@lyricsaidwhaaa) joins Kelly to talk about getting into comedy, dealing with the struggles of working your ass off to get what you want, her time on MadTV and some good old fashioned horror movie talk. FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:25:58 11/6/2018
Danny Pellegrino (@Dannypellegrino) joins Kelly to talk about the addiction that plagues us all - POP CULTURE. We dish about real housewives, celebrity drama and why we just can't say no to a juicy story on the internet. FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:25:50 10/30/2018
This week we have on Lauren Berger (@internqueen), author of "Get It Together: Ditch the Chaos, Do the Work, and Design Your Success" to talk about how we all need to get over how "busy" we are all of the time. Lauren's outlook is refreshing and honestly, the exact amount of real talk we need to get our asses in gear.  FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:20:00 10/23/2018
This week we have on Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel to break down all of the myths we have about ghosts, spirits, and anything that comes to us from beyond. The big takeaway honestly is the fact that Kelly might be being haunted right now. Check out Erika's website to schedule your own reading! http://erikagabriel.com/ FOLLOW @kellykeegs @whinewithkelly @kmclhinney @ksteinbauer47 www.whinewithkelly.com
00:19:40 10/3/2018

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