Amanda and Jesse Podcast

The afternoon team of Amanda and Jesse from B105 in Cincinnati, OH like to keep things fun, and a little crazy. Listen daily for personal stories, fun contests like Beat the Bear, and chats with their favorite country stars!


Amanda and Jesse Podcast

Amanda says the only category she would succeed in on Jeopardy is trivia about Jim Carrey

We test Amanda's Jim Carrey knowledge since she says she'd do great in that category, if it existed, on Jeopardy.
00:18:08 4/18/2019

Past Episodes

Sleeping with this one thing can help with your sleep. What is it? We discuss. Also, a woman feels mislead after her boyfriend gave her a engagement ring that was cubic zirconia and not diamond. We talk about whether he did something wrong or not.
00:28:57 4/17/2019
Jesse called out his brother for not sending him a birthday gift and by the end of everything, we end up on the phone with his wife who confronts him for something he said.
00:27:41 4/16/2019
Amanda lost a bet and had to stick her hand in a "mystery box" while blindfolded. There were plenty of screams. Also, Jesse got his DNA results back and finally knows whether he's officially an identical twin or not.
00:30:35 4/15/2019
The internet is divided on this and so are Amanda and Jesse. Find out who likes which. Also, Jesse is literally putting off his taxes to the last few days before they're due!
00:15:32 4/14/2019
Amanda's getting a little home improvement done and she's excited about the new thing being installed at her house.
00:18:17 4/11/2019
Jesse did something as a kid that he's never told ANYONE. So today, he shares the story about what happened and calls his Dad to fess up. Also, Amanda got a sinus massage and Jesse says he's never heard of it before.
00:26:40 4/10/2019
Jesse always puts this one thing off every year and he did it again for 2019. Find out what it is! Also, we talk about how many close friends from childhood we still have.
00:22:58 4/9/2019
Amanda says she PREFERS 1-ply toilet paper. She explains why. Also, a company has invented quieter airplane toilets and Jesse says this is a needed change.
00:19:24 4/7/2019
The list of the top baby names for 2019 is out and we literally don't know any humans named these. Hear what they are. Also, Amanda again describes her love for 1-ply toilet paper and explains why she prefers it over other types.
00:18:29 4/4/2019
Was it Amanda or Jesse. Find out now. Also, Amanda is trying to convince Jesse to wear white pants. He doesn't understand why.
00:25:09 4/3/2019

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