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The afternoon team of Amanda and Jesse from B105 in Cincinnati, OH like to keep things fun, and a little crazy. Listen daily for personal stories, fun contests like Beat the Bear, and chats with their favorite country stars!


EXTRA: Did Jesse offend Miranda Lambert?

Jesse is convinced he offended MIranda Lambert back in 2007 during an interview. We listen to it. THEN, we share our new interview with Miranda where he brought the topic back up and may have RE-OFFENDED her. Decide for yourself.
00:18:44 7/19/2018

Past Episodes

We talk about our trip to Iceland. The cool sites, weird foods, and more! Also, Jesse still doesn't have air conditioning and caved in and bought himself a window unit in the meantime.
00:22:06 7/19/2018
So we just got back from Iceland and it was a blast. We sit down to talk about our experience and share some of the stories from our trip.
00:23:33 7/18/2018
Amanda shared the sad news that her much anticipated photo shoot for Women's Health magazine had been canceled. Plus, Jesse got into a confrontation with a cashier.
00:14:06 7/18/2018
Jesse doesn't think he wears dad shoes. He learned otherwise.
00:12:10 7/17/2018
We played "Luke Love Stories" and Amanda used her "special" voice. This, among other things, made Jesse uncomfortable.
00:12:48 7/16/2018
Amanda faced a huge fear and ended up crying at the pool. Find out why.
00:12:40 7/15/2018
One of Jesse's friends' kids used a slang word around him the other night and he was confused. Have you ever heard it? Also, we almost had a panic moment regarding our trip to Iceland.
00:24:11 7/12/2018
Amanda had a kid kicking her on her flight back from vacation. Find out what she did. Also, we're going on another adventure. Get the details!
00:26:37 7/11/2018
The cops were called to Amanda's street the other night and she couldn't help but snoop. Also, Jesse wants to call another guy named "Jesse Tack" to see what happens. And, is it weird to eat off the same ice cream cone as your dog?
00:23:26 7/10/2018
Amanda did some flying on her vacation. On one flight, something disgusting happened right next to her. Plus, she had some additional airport drama beforehand. Also, Jesse spent A LOT of money on his car over vacation and none of it was planned. Find out how much.
00:25:30 7/9/2018

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