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The afternoon team of Amanda and Jesse from B105 in Cincinnati, OH like to keep things fun, and a little crazy. Listen daily for personal stories, fun contests like Beat the Bear, and chats with their favorite country stars!


Amanda has a big surprise for Jesse

Amanda has a surprise for Jesse. Find out what it is. Also, neighbor's in Florida are upset that police are allowing a man to do this in his front yard.
00:18:13 9/20/2018

Past Episodes

Amanda said her husband got mad at her because of what she did when someone knocked on their front door. Also, Jesse has a follow-up the couch he's selling with a hole in it.
00:20:07 9/19/2018
Amanda lists the top 5 things she loves about Fall. Pumpkin flavored things, the changing of the leaves, and more.
00:11:25 9/19/2018
Jesse is selling a couch online but he's leaving out one very important detail. Also, we tell a story about the very sweet thing a man is doing in honor of his brother with Down's Syndrome. And, Roseanne announces how's she's going to die on "The Connors."
00:26:24 9/18/2018
Jesse accepted an offer for his 3-legged deer hoof lamp. Find out what it is. Also, Amanda gives us an update on the bats in her house.
00:23:04 9/17/2018
Jesse lists the top 5 things he secretly hates. Responding to Facebook comments, group text messages, and more.
00:09:53 9/17/2018
Jesse is trying to get rid of his deer hoof lamp. Yes, a lamp with deer hooves as legs. Find out what he wants for it. Also, a super old women's fashion trend is coming back.
00:21:09 9/16/2018
Jesse's heard about this obnoxious alarm clock called the "Screaming Meanie" and he thinks he needs it to wake up in the morning. Also, Amanda still has no idea what she's doing with her fantasy football team.
00:16:28 9/13/2018
Amanda exchanged anniversary gifts with her Husband and she sort of felt bad about the gift she got him AFTER she saw what he got her. Also, we tell each other what our first impressions of each other were.
00:27:51 9/12/2018
It's pumpkin season so Amanda has listed her top 5 favorite pumpkin flavored foods. Pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pie, and more!
00:12:08 9/12/2018
What will people offer Jesse for his taxidermy fish lamp? We take offers. Also, we talk to a former co-worker who lives in Wilmington, NC and is bracing for Hurricane Florence.
00:28:02 9/11/2018

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