Amanda and Jesse Podcast

The afternoon team of Amanda and Jesse from B105 in Cincinnati, OH like to keep things fun, and a little crazy. Listen daily for personal stories, fun contests like Beat the Bear, and chats with their favorite country stars!


Amanda and Jesse Podcast

Jesse heard a wedding horror story

Jesse DJ's weddings on the side and occasionally he'll hear horror stories about things other DJ's do. He shares one. Also, snake massages are now a thing? And, Amanda had a random and weird encounter with a neighbor.
00:23:10 6/25/2019

Past Episodes

Jesse listed his 9 year old bike online and Amanda thinks Jesse charged too much. Do you agree?
00:24:16 6/20/2019
Amanda's dog Beasley won't go to the bathroom outside when it's raining unless Amanda does this. Also, when lying in a job interview comes back to haunt you.
00:22:11 6/19/2019
Jesse says he wishes people would let him know when they receive a gift in the mail that he's sent them. Also, Tim Allen says Skyline Chili once saved his life.
00:24:09 6/18/2019
This girl didn't hold back in calling out some staff at her high school during her gradation speech.
00:18:41 6/17/2019
Why did Amanda cry on the floor for 15 minutes? She explains the reason. Also, Jesse was confused for his identical twin at his brother's going away part in TN.
00:23:57 6/17/2019
Amanda's husband has some friends in town this week and they're all obsessed with Amanda's little 10 pound dog Beasley. Also, why has one man seen "Avengers: End Game" 112 times?
00:19:00 6/13/2019
Jesse doesn't know what to buy his Dad for Father's day so we invited 3 dads into the studio to give their opinion. Big Dave and Stattman from the Big Dave Show and Grover Collins, our boss.
00:23:37 6/12/2019
A deer approached Amanda and her dog the other day. Find out what happened. Also, one of our co-workers feels like she's cheating on her hair-dresser. We share our opinions.
00:27:26 6/11/2019
We talk about a prank some high school seniors pulled in Oregon. Do you think it went too far? Also, Amanda had some fun with a spam caller today.
00:24:12 6/10/2019
Jesse's truck has been giving him a weird warning over the last few days and he doesn't know why.
00:22:28 6/9/2019

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