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The afternoon team of Amanda and Jesse from B105 in Cincinnati, OH like to keep things fun, and a little crazy. Listen daily for personal stories, fun contests like Beat the Bear, and chats with their favorite country stars!


Jesse had to make a decision based on his safety

Jesse is trying to sell his car and had to make a safety-related decision the other day. Also, Amanda's going to be doing a big talk at Miami University.
00:21:48 11/13/2018

Past Episodes

Jesse went to Iowa for an early-Thanksgiving and asked family members what they thought he'd grow up to be when he was a little kid. Also, Amanda needs advice on when to buy a Christmas gift for her husband.
00:23:59 11/12/2018
Amanda's husband is on vacation this week and he's spending it in an interesting way. Also, we talk about accidentally air-dropping photos to the wrong person.
00:15:44 11/11/2018
In case you missed it, we had a winner on Friday's edition of the 5 at 5:25. After 6 months, someone answered all 5 country music trivia questions correctly and won $1190! Hear the answers now!
00:03:14 11/11/2018
Amanda's never heard of people who suck in their stomach all the time. Apparently, it's more common than we think. Also, wait til you hear this story about what someone found in a pile of clothes at Goodwill.
00:20:38 11/8/2018
Wait til you hear this embarrassing Facebook-story happened to our friend. Also, what's the deal with loud-sneezers? We discuss.
00:27:06 11/7/2018
Amanda describes the moment she saw two adults getting into an argument at a polling location on election day. Also, we talk about unfollowing people on Facebook. Including family members.
00:28:21 11/6/2018
Amanda has a dilemma involving flu-shots. Listen now. Also, we found out that some Fantasy Football leagues punish the person who finishes last.
00:24:06 11/5/2018
Amanda is very worried about her cat Grizzy after he was taken to the vet last-minute. Find out what happened. Also, Jesse had to order new checks for the first time in almost 10 years.
00:25:11 11/4/2018
Listen how excited Charles gets win he found out he won almost $3500! Also, Jesse had a morale dilemma over the weekend. Find out what happened.
00:25:47 11/1/2018
Jesse finally agreed to get into a casket. How long did he last and did he freak out?? Listen now.
00:25:10 10/31/2018

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