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Put two sports talkers with more than fifty years of experience in the same room and what do you get? Bernie and Randy: The Podcast. Bernie Miklasz and Randy Karraker cover everything on the professional and college sports scene, and they're never short on opinions. These two sports talk heavyweights have reunited to bring the well-known radio show they co-hosted to the podcast world. Catch Bernie and Randy: The Podcast, on PodcastOne.


Bernie & Randy

Ep. 238 - Billikens Off to a Hot Start

SLU is off to a nice start and we're liking their chances in the A10.
00:11:57 1/18/2019

Past Episodes

What a pair of matchups! We're looking ahead to the AFC and NFC Championship games.
00:16:23 1/16/2019
The Blues seem on the verge of a significant turnaround, but is it enough?
00:16:06 1/16/2019
It's a great time to be a buyer for teams looking for free agents, so why aren't more clubs inking deals?
00:13:35 1/11/2019
The one outcome that nobody thought would happen happened, as Clemson whomped Alabama for the National Championship.
00:15:20 1/10/2019
The Blues season continues to go downhill, and this team can't even put up a good effort at home.
00:14:50 1/8/2019
We take a walk down memory lane, talking Christmas morning at Jack Buck's house, then talk Barry Odom's season at Mizzou.
00:15:57 12/20/2018
Bryce Harper is looking for a long-term deal, but does it make sense for the Cardinals?
00:13:01 12/19/2018
The Blues are looking for a coach, but the franchise may not even be attractive to candidates.
00:15:50 12/17/2018
In terms of expectations for the Blues versus what we're seeing now, this may be the worst season ever.
00:13:41 12/13/2018
We've seen the NFL go from nearly void of defense to placing more of an emphasis on it as the season has progressed.
00:11:20 12/12/2018

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