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Welcome to Bit Cast. Every episode, Alex shares his views on the latest gaming trends; from music to graphics. Check out Bit Cast before you buy your next game and e-mail Alex with your comments and future show ideas!



It was getting an episode sooner or later. Alex brings Henry the Guest back so they can both talk about Undertale and its impact.
43:02 1/18/2018

Past Episodes

Alex invites Henry the Guest to talk about a Survival-Horror game for the Playstation 4.
34:07 1/11/2018
Alex gets his hands on Mario Odyssey and talks about its high and low points.
21:20 1/4/2018
Alex talks about Tri Force Heroes after watching people on the internet playing it.
17:59 12/29/2017
Reminiscing Super Mario Galaxy and its impact on the Mario series
17:01 12/13/2017
Remembering Nintendo's creative sterility and how Splatoon fixed it.
15:19 12/13/2017
A look at the latest Legend of Zelda game
15:48 11/30/2017
A look at a game where you rip masks off and make honest people out of crooks.
14:08 11/30/2017
Checking out an RPG where you get to decide who all the characters are
13:37 11/30/2017
Checking out a beefed-up remake of an old NES game.
14:47 11/30/2017

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