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Bit Cast

Bit 84 - Bayonetta 2

Alex finally comes back to Bayonetta 2 after beating the first game. He didn't like the high-octane craziness before, but what does he have to say now?
00:25:36 5/22/2019

Past Episodes

Alex recalls the game where Roxas' life turns into a soap opera with ice cream. Guest starring Alfalfa the Roach from the Alfalfa May Cry series.
00:42:18 5/15/2019
Alex is 10 years late to the Bayonetta party. What does he think of it?
00:36:23 5/8/2019
Persona 5 gets a remake AND a Warriors spinoff, and Alex tries to sort his feelings.
00:27:23 5/1/2019
Alex pairs up with Metallover Ben, author of Invisible Ties, to talk about their experiences with Fire Emblem's breakthrough hit.
01:15:05 4/24/2019
Alex didn't play this game. But Alex did! A doppelganger gets invited onto the show to gush over a uniquely insane puzzle game.
00:51:21 4/17/2019
Alex is late to the Pokemon Sword & Shield party.
00:24:51 4/10/2019
Going into April, Alex and Philip finally finish talking about Mother 3. To be fair, there was a lot to unpack in the final chapter alone.
00:50:17 4/3/2019
Alex and Philip are still going on about Mother 3. Now they're talking about Chapters 4-7 of the game. How has Tazmily Village changed in three years?
00:55:45 3/27/2019
Alex and Philip talk about the first three chapters of Mother 3 in an unintentionally three-part episode. They just have a lot to unpack.
00:55:58 3/20/2019
In this podcast about video games, Alex describes a video game about video games.
00:25:20 3/13/2019

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