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Welcome to Bit Cast. Every episode, Alex shares his views on the latest gaming trends; from music to graphics. Check out Bit Cast before you buy your next game and e-mail Alex with your comments and future show ideas!


Bit Cast

Bit 61 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It's time.
00:31:40 12/12/2018

Past Episodes

Special Guest VN Writer "Alfalfa the Roach" scuttles onto the show to help Alex talk about Night in the Woods and its colorful characters.
00:38:43 12/5/2018
Remember that time Wario was in a beat-em-up on Nintendo Gamecube? Alex sure does, and now he's going to tell everyone.
00:25:53 11/28/2018
Alex celebrates Thanksgiving by talking about dinosaurs carrying babies.
00:28:59 11/21/2018
Alex randomly encounters Toby Fox's sequel to Undertale! Except it's not really a sequel? What's going on?
00:26:23 11/14/2018
Alex invites his brother over so they can talk about Piranha Plant and also non-Piranha Plant things in Smash Bros. Ultimate.
01:00:51 11/7/2018
Alex talks about fake board games for 45 minutes.
00:52:03 10/31/2018
Alex calls in his brother to discuss Frank West's adventures in mall zombie killing. After all, Anthony has covered Dead Rising, you know.
00:37:34 10/24/2018
Not having played enough spooky games, Alex turns to the Slender Man for assistance in his darkest hour.
00:16:01 10/17/2018
Alex compares Luigi's Mansion with its sequel during October. How original.
00:27:20 10/10/2018
Right after going all-in on Ocarina of Time, Alex turns to Majora's Mask and gives it the same treatment. Because it'sspoooooky.
00:27:04 10/3/2018

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