Brews and Beatdowns with Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper is the evening host at B-105 in Cincinnati, Ohio that loves to talk about beer and wrestling. Join Matt as he chats with wrestlers, promoters, and announcers about their career and how they got started. Matt will also feature a different beer from breweries across the country.


Brews and Beatdowns with Matt Cooper

10. Bam Bam Bundy

Matt talked to wrestler Bam Bam Bundy about his wrestling career. Bam Bam talked about his childhood growing up outside of Memphis, TN and how he got his start in wrestling. He also talked about training with Brian Christopher, some of his memorable matches over the past few years, and his matches coming up at Battle On The Border in December.
00:40:00 11/27/2018

Past Episodes

Matt starts off the show talking about talking about his trip to Asheville, North Carolina and a few of the breweries that he went to. He then welcomes in Denim Blevins, promoter for Battle On the Border, to talk about two holiday shows coming up in December. Denim goes over both cards, "Miracle On Main Street" and Battle On the Border 9 "Christmas Chaos."
00:34:00 11/11/2018
Matt sat down with Denim Blevins and Johnny Knockout to talk about Battle On The Border 8. Denim goes over the card and what to expect that night, including two cage matches, and a legends match between two former WWE wrestlers. Johnny talks about what it's like to be Battle On The Border champion and his upcoming cage match with Hooks.
00:24:00 9/17/2018
Matt talks to Jake and Ultimate Wingman about the last Battle On The Border event. Matt goes into detail on what led to his decisions as the special guest referee. Jake talks about being suspended from wrestling and what both of them have in store for the next Battle On The Border event. Matt also talks about his recent trip to a brewery in Cincinnati.
00:15:00 9/3/2018
Matt talks to Ryan about how his wrestling career. Ryan talks about who he watched growing up, the importance of working out and eating healthy, how he got his start in wrestling, and what wrestling promotion he's currently working for.
00:37:00 8/19/2018
Matt talks to local announcer Rick Toms about his career. They talk about his start in wrestling, MMA, and local boxing events. Rick also talks about what it's like to be a runner for the WWE and other artists. Matt features West Sixth Brewing and the West Sixth IPA.
00:30:00 8/5/2018
Denim Blevins comes back to talk about Battle On The Border taking place June 16th in Harrison, Ohio. He starts off talking about a few of the matches on the card and brings in a few of the wrestlers to talk about their matches that night. The card will also feature a few former WWE wrestlers as well.
00:35:00 5/21/2018
Hooks is wrestler in the Cincinnati region that is known for some of his hardcore wrestling. He talks about moving from Indiana to Cincinnati, what career he originally wanted to get into when he was in school, and how he got started in wrestling. Hooks talks about his first job as an announcer and how he transitioned into a wrestler.
00:40:00 5/7/2018
Denim is a wrestling promoter and talks about what it's like being a promoter. He talks about how he got his start, his first show as a promoter, and certain things that he has learned along the way being a promoter. Denim talks about "Battle On The Border 6," a show that he has coming up in June that features up-and-coming wrestlers and a couple of former WWE wrestlers.
00:35:00 4/23/2018
Cody is a well known trainer in the business and talks about what it's like to be a wrestling trainer as well as some of the wrestlers that he has trained. He also talks about his recent trip to WWE . Shawna, a student of Cody, talks about what it's like to train as a wrestler and what she has learned from training with Cody. She also talks about her recent tryouts with WWE.
00:34:00 4/9/2018

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