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Episode 96: Adam and His Amazing Jacket are Back

Adam is back and talking about video games! We chatted about the cluster that Nintendo Online is turning into, Halo Infinite and micro-transactions, Capcom closed Capcom Vancouver and is out $40 million, Ninja is going to be on a magazine, Europe is talking loot box regulation and a ton of Sega games are coming to Switch! We also answer questions from Vinny, JoeColeslaw, Geekopia, Jack Irish, SuperHyperMightyWepaman and Mansocks, plus talk new backwards compatible games and Humble Bundle deals!
01:25:31 9/20/2018

Past Episodes

We talk Billy Mitchell's quest for redemption, his latest Donkey Kong exploits and his...musical? Plus Pinball FX 3 gets the Bally/Williams rights back, Arcade1Up has a new 12-in-1 cabinet you are going to want to check out, Starflight 3 is crowdfunding on Fig right now and the "merc with a mouth" has a killer new pinball machine! We then take a deep dive into crowdfunded consoles and the risk folks take when kickstarting hardware and then talk a bit about hardware that never (or almost never) was. Finally, we round out the episode with our first question (which of course was from Vinny!) Also, have you ever played Phoenix? You might want to start practicing... Arcade1Up 12 in 1: Starflight 3: Phoenix:
00:54:55 9/17/2018
Adam is back next week, so everything should start sounding better, but until then, you are left with Cliff and Dylan! We talked about how some Switch games won't have Cloud support, THQ Nordic owns the Kingdoms of Amalur license now but not the publishing rights, the worlds saddest easter egg is in Spider-Man, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw might scratch your Privateer itch, Halo 5 is rumored to be coming to PC and Spider-Man has some audio polish that you don't want to miss! We also answered questions from Vinny, SuperHyperMightyWepaman, Josh, Turndwn4wut, JoeColeslaw and Mansocks, plus clued you in to one of the best PC gaming deals this month! Finally, capital G Gamers are back in troll corner because of Puddle-Gate.
01:23:10 9/13/2018
First off, Adam is off this week, so please excuse any crappy audio sound and/or editing. And by that I mean the phone ringing (and let's be honest, probably other stuff too.) Cliff and Dylan went to PAX and have a ton of games to talk about, we might start seeing "some" games in the Olympics, the Netflix "The Witcher" series has found their Geralt, 2K is doubling down on microtransactions and CS:GO is getting a free, offline version. We answered questions from Vinny, JoeColeslaw, Jack Irish, Geektopia, TurnDwn4Wut and SuperHyperMightyWepaman and talked about the great games available from Twitch Prime this month.
01:23:43 9/6/2018
September is a bit of a light month for new releases as publishers wait for the bigger release months closer to Christmas, but there are still some great games coming out, especially if you are into sports! Note: Sorry about the Spyro screw up, it's been pushed to Nov. 13th!
00:22:51 8/31/2018
We talked about the Jacksonville shooting, Xbox All Access, how Microsoft is still looking for studios to buy, Streets of Rage 4 was announced (babay!), Amazon released the list of games that will get you $10 if you pre-purchase them, Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition sells out and comics are coming to the Switch! We also answered a TON of questions (some of them about ghosts!)
01:41:27 8/30/2018
Dylan succumbed to the smoke and ash that has infected Seattle, so Adam and Cliff had to do the podcast as a duo. RIP Dylan. In a very poorly announced news section, they talked about PUBG leaving early access, Twitch Prime making some (not great) changes, Steam is launching at Twitch competitor, nVidea announced a new line of (very expensive) video cards and Saints Row 3 is coming out...again. They answered great questions from Vinny, Jack Irish, CMGnoise, Turndwn4wht, SuperHyperMightyWepaman and Mansocks, talked about the Master Chief Collection coming to Games Pass, managing your Game Pass from your phone and a new Humble Horror bundle! Humble Spooky Bundle Ray Tracing on New nVidia Cards
01:31:49 8/23/2018
Love retro games? Do you wish you had your own arcade, or love the idea of setting up a Raspberry Pi so you can play your favorite C64, Atari, NES or SNES games? Then this podcast might be for you! Does that sounds like gibberish, but you love Byte Me Podcast? Then this podcast might also be for you! Either way, come hang out with Cliff, Dylan and Hans (remember him from Episode 42?) and listen to us reminisce about a time before Dylan was born! We kick of this monthly(ish) feature talking about ROM sites getting sued by Nintendo, how ROM sites are important for video game preservation and how you can get a 3/4 scale arcade game in your house from Walmart! We also chat about our earliest video game experiences and some of our favorite games from the good old days! More info on the new arcade cabinets we talked about: Play your favorite retro games on the internet arcade:
00:40:51 8/20/2018
Lots of Bethesda related news this week, with updates about Fallout 76 and how they are dealing with a**holes, Bethesda is demanding cross play for any system that is getting Elder Scrolls Legends, Doom Eternal was announced at Quakecon, The Chinese Room has been acquired by Sumo Group and Chief Design Officer Patrick Soderlund is leaving EA. Vinny's question generated some...vigorous...discussion, we talk Fluffernutters and cheap/free games!
01:15:09 8/16/2018
Showtime is making a Halo show and it's going to focus on Master Chief, the Fallout 76 beta will not have an NDA, progress will carry over and the game will not be on Steam, get an axe in Red Dead 2 by doing quests in GTA 5 Online, FIFA 2019 adds house rules and Xbox TV & Movies is joining Movies Anywhere. Plus we answer questions from Vinny, Jjames, Joe Coleslaw, SuperHyperMightyWepaman and...Cliff? Plus, Cheap/Free Games a Small Bytes entry!
01:34:17 8/9/2018
Dylan might be on some exotic beach somewhere, but Adam and Cliff are hard at work in the podcast mines, digging out nuggets of podcast goodness. At least I think that's how it works? There are new JoyCons available from Hori that might make your life easier in some games, the PS4 and Switch sold a lot of units & the Xbox make a lot of money, Origin Access Premiere launched and it looks like a pretty good deal and the London Spitfire wins the first season of the Overwatch League. It was a bit of a slow news week but we had some awesome questions from Vinny, JoeColeslaw, Zack Paule, Colby and Mansocks, some cheap & free games and a little bit of Troll Corner.
01:09:59 8/2/2018

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