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The Deep Cut - Yuri Lowenthal Talks Spider-Man, Young Justice and How His Work Inspires His Activism

This week on The Deep Cut with John Rocha, Rocha welcomes Actor/Writer/Producer/Director and Activist Yuri Lowenthal to the show to discuss his life, his career and how his work inspires his activism in the world. Yuri talks about the process he went through after booking Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the recent PS4 game from Insomniac and what a thrill it was to walk back into a third season of Young Justice. These two friends also explore the productive positives of spa writers meetings in the nude, share stories about celebrity sightings, and why Yuri thinks his Geek & Sundry Orbital Redux show might be a trailblazer for TV show entertainment in the future. Yuri also explains what motivates him to get involved in causes to help military veterans and people suffering from natural disasters in the world and why he feels a deep need to do so. It's an open, honest, funny and vulnerable conversation between two friends that will leave you laughing, a little bit emotional and might inspire you to explore your world a little bit more. Let us know what you think in the Comments section.

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01:12:23 5/23/2019

Past Episodes

Welcome to Episode 45 of The Reilly Roundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes in his college friend and fraternity brother Damien Ober to the show. Damien started his writing career like we all did, writing and pounding the pavement, calling in to contacts, writing on spec and never giving up. We talk the craft, writing for Netflix and having your screenplay make it on the Black List and getting a meeting with Casey Affleck in the process. #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday!

00:50:57 5/23/2019

This week on The Deep Cut with John Rocha, Rocha welcomes Game of Thrones pundit and enthusiast Emma Fyffe to discuss Daenerys Targaryen's decision at the end of this past week's episode of Game of Thrones, "The Bells". They debate if the showrunners and the show writers have done a good job this season of laying down the groundwork for the turn. Explore the history of Dany's actions and statements, both in the show and in the books, to see if the decision she made was in character or out of the blue. They discuss an article in The Atlantic written by Spencer Kornhaber where he interviews Cornell University historian Barry Strauss about Dany's decision and if it mirrored historical decisions by military leaders in our world. And finally, they debate if what Dany did actually indicates that she is "mad" or if she decided to make a military decision here and is in fact, NOT crazy. To read The Atlantic article, click here:

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01:04:57 5/16/2019

Welcome to Episode 44 of The Reilly Roundtable! This week, Reilly invites back the great Jason Inman to the show! Jason returns to not only help with our pitch of Justice League: Gods Among Us but to also discuss his latest book Super Soldiers. To pre-order his book, check out the link below. And then, it's on to Justice League 2! We compile our ideas based on the current DC canon, along with the events of the first film, in order to bring a crowd pleasing new chapter to the Justice League. Reilly and Inman talk character, plot and twists that is sure to please the fans (are you listening WB?). Hope you enjoy our fan-fiction pitch for Justice League and hope you enjoy the show! #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday!

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00:52:40 5/9/2019

On this episode of The Deep Cut with John Rocha, he welcomes noted host, actress, pundit and writer to talk about her excellent article in Playboy discussing depression and PTSD in Avengers: Endgame. Rocha and Dani explore each of the core Avenger's journey in the film and how they confront the loss of half the galaxy thru their depression, PTSD and guilt. Dani opens up about her own struggles with depression and mental health and how she found herself connecting with these superheroes on levels she never thought were possible. Also, these two discuss their journeys with depression and what they have confronted as they've walked (and are still walking) this path while trying to achieve personal and professional goals. Avengers: Endgame certainly provides a number of lessons about friendship, camaraderie, never giving up and teamwork. But the film also provides a possible roadmap for moviegoers who have struggled with depression, mental health, and trauma about how they might find a way out of these feelings. To read Dani's article that sparked this episode, click here:

Another in depth discussion of a tough topic that is directly or indirectly related to the world of Film, TV, and entertainment on The Deep Cut. Let us know what you thought of the episode in the Comments section. Remember to Like and Share this podcast on your social media and to subscribe to Collider Conversations for more episodes like this.

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01:01:28 5/9/2019

On the debut episode of The Deep Cut with John Rocha, El Chicano writer/director Benjamin Bray and the star of the film Raul Castillo stop by to talk about bringing the first film about a Latino superhero to life. They discuss what their experiences have been like as Latinos in the business of Hollywood and what inspired their work on the film. Ben talks about what he hopes to accomplish with the film and how Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo helped to get the film done. Raul discusses his path as a Latino actor and how he found himself in the position to bring this character of Raul to life in the movie. El Chicano comes out on May 3rd, 2019.

Let us know what you thought of this debut episode of The Deep Cut and what issues you'd like John Rocha to tackle and discuss on his brand new show.

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00:48:14 5/2/2019

Welcome to Episode 43 of The Reilly Roundtable! This week, Reilly invites his #RuleOfTwo co-host Marc Fernandez in to get geeky with a complete spoiler discussion of Avengers Endgame. Taking a cue from their time on Rule of Two, Reilly and Fernandez do what they do best and that's analyze, debate, discuss, and even argue over everything Endgame related and how Marvel, Kevin Feige, The Russo Bros. et al pulled off the impossible by creating a movie that gave us a satisfying conclusion to 22 movies in the MCU. Hope you enjoy the show and #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday!

01:16:23 5/2/2019

Welcome to Episode 42 of The Reilly Roundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes in the insanely talented Bosslogic and his manager Brad Lambert to the show! It's a very exciting show to have Boss in to the studio - you know his work all over Instagram and Twitter, work that has gotten him noticed by the likes of Henry Cavill, Ryan Reynolds and of course, the Russo Brothers. From his rise of doing just "fan art" to having the Russo's and Marvel calling him to work on one of the official Avengers Endgame posters, Reilly chats it up with Boss and Brad all about how his career took off, plus some deep dives into our love of Marvel films. Hope you enjoy the show and #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday!

00:54:09 4/25/2019

Welcome to Episode 41 of The Reilly Roundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes in The Outlaw himself, John Rocha, to touch on some DC doings making waves. With Zack Snyder confirming that he does have a cut of his lost Justice League, Reilly and Rocha break down the elusive cut, how it seemed to have never existed until Snyder confirmed otherwise. Then, we break down one of those twitter questions that inspired debate - ranking the first 7 Marvel films with the seven films from DC. What do their rankings find? Hope you enjoy the show and #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday!

01:10:47 4/11/2019

Welcome to Episode 40 of The Reilly Roundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes in the amazing and talented (and friend to Reilly) Michael Cornacchia to the show! Michael and Reilly go way way back all the way to the 90's in college at USC. Michael then details his coming out as gay to his Italian Parents, the struggles of acting in Hollywood, his thoughts on politics in today's society and of course, what is was like when he played Jabba the Hutt for a Scotland audeince at a huge theatre festival. There's so much we discussed and so little time to get to it all. Hope you enjoy the show and #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday!

00:54:04 4/4/2019

"Collider Ladies Night" returns, but with a brand new spin on it! This new iteration of the show puts a spotlight on the ladies taking over Hollywood that you absolutely should know about. In front of the camera, behind it, maybe both; this series is highlighting individuals who are not only delivering top-notch content but they're also changing the industry for the better, and we're kicking this off with Pet Sematary's Amy Seimetz.

The movie marks her first lead role in a major studio release, but odds are, you've seen her work before, whether it's her performances in independent films like Upstream Color and A Horrible Way to Die, her work as a showrunner on The Girlfriend Experience, or maybe her appearance on Stranger Things as Jane Ives. Her whole resume comes together to suggest that Seimetz is a storytelling Swiss Army knife who not only takes great pride in creating bold material but is also extremely knowledgable in a multitude of departments with a burning desire to learn more.

Basically, I think Hollywood needs more creatives like Amy Seimetz and that's why she's the very first centerpiece for this revamped version of "Collider Ladies Night!" Be sure to check out our full conversation on her journey from becoming an accidental actor to taking the studio plunge and signing on to star in the new Pet Sematary movie in this video. Seimetz also shares tons of inspiring details about the importance of longevity in her career, what made her jump into Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, why she feels like a spy on sets, and so much more. You can hear about it all in this episode of "Collider Ladies Night!"

Also, be sure to catch her in Pet Sematary when the movie hits theaters nationwide on April 5th. In case you missed it, I absolutely loved the film. Here's the official synopsis for the film:

"Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, Pet Sematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family's new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (John Lithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences."

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00:21:51 4/3/2019

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