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Covering All the Bases takes on MLB topics with an occasional St. Louis spin. Travis Green, executive producer of the Bernie Miklasz Show, and former MLB scout Charlie Meyer analyze the intricacies of the game while keeping it light and fun.


Covering all the Bases - Ep. 65 - Cardinals need to approach Manny Machado trade with the urgency they had with Matt Holliday

Charlie and Travis discuss the Cardinals odd season, how they remain in contention but it just doesn't feel like they are that close. They also discuss the front office and manager's job security, and John Mozeliak's role in changing the organization. Of course, Manny Machado came up as a topic and the boys feel the team needs to get out of their comfort zone to acquire Machado, much like they did with Matt Holliday. Finally, they wrap up the podcast talking about the team's approach to player injuries and why players are hiding these injuries from the manager and front office.
00:50:11 6/19/2018

Past Episodes

Charlie and Travis discuss the suspension of Robinson Cano and why it's no longer should be that surprising, and the idea that it hurts his HOF credentials. The boys then get into the "good problem" the Cardinals have on the horizon with Alex Reyes looking dominant in his rehab starts. What is his role going to be at the Major League level? They also discuss the Adam Wainwright situation, and why John Mabry gets a pass while the rest of the Cards coaching staff has been shifted, changed, and more. Is it time for a change?
00:44:54 5/15/2018
Charlie and Travis dive into the Cardinals offensive struggles, Matt Carpenter and could age be catching up to him. They then talk about John Mozeliak's comments about not employing more shifts, why a smart organization would allow pitchers to dictate something they put a lot of money into.
00:29:24 5/13/2018
Travis and Charlie discuss the odd start to the season for MLB with all the weather delays and if there is Dthat can happen to fix the issue. They also dove right into the biggest problem plaguing the Cardinals and that is Matt Carpenter's offense, and is it time to move him down in the lineup? The boys also get into the plethora of talent the Cardinals have in the OF and while it's a good problem to have, it's a real problem considering that a bat like Tyler O'Neill is wasting away in Triple-A Finally, the lack of action in baseball concerns Travis but Charlie tries to calm his fears.
00:45:39 4/16/2018
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green preview the upcoming Cardinals season as they discuss the team's impressive lineup depth, trying to appreciate Matt Carpenter, and how the lineup stacks up. They also got into the question of which is more of a concern for the Cards, the bullpen or the rotation? And they predict the Cardinals win total as well as the 2018 World Series matchup and Champs.
00:53:03 3/27/2018
Cardinals offseason - what did you make of it? Most irreplaceable Cardinal heading into 2018? Which prospect are you most excited about in Spring?
00:38:04 2/28/2018
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green discuss the slow offseason, and what is holding up the market. Is it bad for MLB?

They also discuss John Mozeliak's approach to adding more talent to the roster. Is he playing coy?

And who is closing out games for the Cards in 2018? Travis pleas with Charlie to convince him it's not Luke Gregerson.
00:37:32 1/13/2018
Charlie and Travis discuss the Cardinals offseason, the Marcell Ozuna trade, the possibility of Manny Machado to St. Louis, who they would not trade in a deal for Machado, and do the Cards need another starter.
00:46:27 12/15/2017
Travis Green and Charlie Meyer discuss the slow off-season, and what could be holding things up. Charlie gives some insight on why deals usually happen closer to the Winter Meetings.

They kick around the idea of teams waiting for Giancarlo Stanton and why that may be taking so long and how longs teams like the Cards can wait.
00:33:53 11/28/2017
Charlie and Travis discuss the Giancarlo Stanton rumors, the secondary market when it comes to bats for the Cards, the ultimate feeling that this is going to be a let down, and the Cardinals other needs.
00:34:14 11/15/2017
Charlie Meyer and Travis Green talks about the World Series, and the positive impact it has had on baseball.

They discuss the recent trend of analytical managers being hired in baseball, and the Cardinals role in that.

Finally, they wrap up the show with the top three items on their Cardinals offseason checklist.
00:41:00 11/2/2017

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