Covering All the Bases

Covering All the Bases takes on MLB topics with an occasional St. Louis spin. Travis Green, executive producer of the Bernie Miklasz Show, and former MLB scout Charlie Meyer analyze the intricacies of the game while keeping it light and fun.


Covering All the Bases

Covering All the Bases - Ep. 79 - What's the Cardinals over/under and do we agree with it?

Charlie and Travis discuss the Bryce Harper market, the Manny Machado market, the Cardinals win total, where they stack up against the rest of the league, and a potential lockout.
00:52:45 1/13/2019

Past Episodes

Charlie and Travis discuss the slow baseball off-season, the Goldschmidt signing, if they need more, spending on bullpen help, and why signing a starter and moving Carlos makes sense.
00:46:01 1/8/2019
Charlie and Travis discuss the Andrew Miller signing, why they like it better than Zach Britton, Alex Reyes and what the plan should be for him, what else the Cardinals need, and solutions for a slow off-season.
00:47:47 1/8/2019
Charlie and Travis discuss the off-season, Josh Donaldson surprising sign, why it instantly puts more pressure on the Cards, Paul Goldschmidt as the team's #1 target, and quick hits like are you comfortable with Fowler and O'Neill in RF, should the Cards pursue a SP, and is Mozeliak on the hot seat.
00:37:32 11/28/2018
Charlie and Travis discuss the GM meetings, the Cardinals and Bryce Harper talk, plan B if Harper goes elsewhere, Donaldson vs. Goldschmidt, and are the Cardinals really interested in adding a top reliever?
00:50:00 11/6/2018
Travis and Charlie discussed to talk about the MLB postseason, the lack of intrigue in the postseason, the Red Sox and Dodgers World Series, Alex Cora's managerial abilty, how both Boston and LA have built their teams, and what the Cardinals can learn.
00:50:23 10/23/2018
Charlie and Travis discuss the Cardinals offseason, the tone the front office sets every year and how the Cubs set an entirely different tone, the postseason managers and comparing that to what the Cardinals had and have.
00:50:47 10/9/2018
Charlie and Travis discuss the Cardinals postseason chances, how they stack up against the playoff contenders, and the Dexter Fowler situation, why no matter what Dexter and John Mozeliak say there has to be discussion about parting ways.
00:37:29 9/24/2018
Charlie and Travis discuss the Cardinals, Adam Wainwright's latest outing and what to expect with him moving forward, they also discuss the team's approach to the last two weeks of the season, the mess in the bullpen and how Shildt deals with that, and Jack Flaherty in line for the Wild Card game.
00:34:48 9/17/2018
Charlie and Travis discuss a number of things including the Cardinals frustrating start to September, tough stretch upcoming, the playoff picture in both the AL and NL, the Adam Wainwright decision that continues, Manny Machado and the Cardinals offseason plans, and Carlos Martinez future as a closer or starter.
00:42:29 9/12/2018
Charlie and Travis discuss the Cardinals rotation and bullpen woes, the Adam Wainwright decision, the idea of bullpening this year and in the future, and why the team doesn't care about perception when it comes to Mike Shildt or the lack of waiver deadline deals.
00:43:56 9/5/2018

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