Crisco, Dez & Ryan After Hours Podcast

All the material they can't put on the air is now in a podcast! It's After Hours with KS95's morning show crew: Crisco, Dez and Ryan.


After Hours #50 - Should Taylor (Dez's Husband) go see the Foo Fighters instead of being at a wedding?

You voted and told him to go but will Taylor do the "right thing" (Dez's words) and go to his cousin's wedding or will he head to Boston to hang out with his idols: Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters!?
00:00:00 7/19/2018

Past Episodes

Today we talked about what you had to do for summer jobs when you were a kid!
00:00:00 7/18/2018
Dez was on the phone making dinner reservations and for some reason she forgot how to spell her name. Wha....?
00:00:00 7/17/2018
If you could choose any one talent to just have, what would it be?!
00:00:00 7/16/2018
Today we discussed Amazon Prime and if it's really worth having it? Are there better options?
00:00:00 7/15/2018
A woman found a bear in her car and we tried to remember how to defend yourself against a bear!
00:00:00 7/12/2018
Today we talked about Crisco's Lemonade stand for KS95 for Kids and listened to Howie Mandell tell a story about a crazy private party!
00:00:00 7/11/2018
Today we had some awesome left over secrets from the show and Crisco gets a nice surprise from Dez just as we are about to wrap up!
00:00:00 7/10/2018
After his air conditioning went out, Crisco found refuge at a hotel. Rudy thinks this is ridiculous!!!
00:00:00 7/9/2018
The A/C is out at Crisco's place and it's going to be a few days before it's fixed. This isn't good...
00:00:00 7/8/2018
Who is the better kisser? And Crisco not getting any sleep...
00:00:00 7/5/2018

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