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Learn the connection between what you eat and how you feel. We'll explain how your food choices affect your energy, focus, moods and overall health. You will hear practical, real-life solutions for healthier living through good nutrition.


Dishing Up Nutrition

11/17/18 The Best Fats for Cooking

Do you know the best types of fat and oils to buy and use for cooking? Many people don't realize that different oils have different cooking temperatures. Listen in as we discuss the best fats and oils to use for different cooking methods, like sautéing or cooking foods over high heat.
00:00:00 11/17/2018

Past Episodes

This episode Dishing Up Nutrition highlights how bone broth can boost our immune systems and ward off the flu this season.
00:00:00 11/10/2018
How healthy is your brain? The brain uses more energy than any other organ in the body. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, memory loss, irritability or addiction, the first thing to look at is your diet and what you are eating. Listen in to today's Dishing Up Nutrition as we explain how what you eat affects your brain - how certain foods may boost your brain function or how certain foods may zap your brain function.
00:00:00 11/3/2018
Are you concerned about thinning hair or worried that one day you might not have much hair left on your head? Hair loss and hair growth are complex issues. In today's Dishing Up Nutrition, we will take a deeper look at the cause of hair loss and the nutritional connection to hair growth. Listen in to learn more about what foods and supplements help prevent hair loss as well as what foods and supplements promote hair growth.
00:00:00 10/27/2018
Do you find yourself overeating and are frustrated with feeling like you lack self control? Did you know that a high processed carb, low-fat diet often leads to compulsive eating? Listen in to today's Dishing Up Nutrition as we tackle compulsive eating and some of the common causes. We will talk about how changing some of your lifestyle and eating habits could help put a stop to compulsive eating and weight gain.
00:00:00 10/20/2018
Asthma is a long-lasting lung disorder that affects 25 million people of all ages in the U.S. About 7 million asthma sufferers are children and about 3 million of those are children as young as three years old. In today's show, we will talk about how nutrition can help reduce asthma attacks and lung inflammation, and how one of our nutritionists put her own asthma into remission by changing what she ate.
00:00:00 10/13/2018
Do you know what probiotics are and how they affect your weight, your energy and your cravings? When the gut is stripped of good bacteria by antibiotics, people often have intense sugar cravings. We have even found that the lack of good bacteria in children can lead them to become picky eaters. Listen in to today's Dishing Up Nutrition as we talk about the importance of probiotics and prebiotics, and how a healthy gut is the key to a healthy body.
00:00:00 10/6/2018
Parkinson's disease is a complex neurodegenerative disorder without a cure that affects nearly 1 million Americans with 60,000 people diagnosed every year. In today's Dishing Up Nutrition, we are discussing how you can protect your cells and immune system from damage to help prevent you from getting Parkinson's disease. We will also discuss the importance of nutrition and how nutrition can both prevent and calm some of the symptoms.
00:00:00 9/29/2018
Stress & Weight Gain As a Caregiver: There are about 45 million people who provide unpaid care to adults and children every month and 75% of those caregivers are women. Most caregivers are experiencing high amounts of stress daily. In fact, approximately 90% of caregivers say stress has the most impact on their lives and on their health. In today's show, we will share information about why caregiver stress often leads to weight gain and other health problems, plus some solutions to control stress.
00:00:00 9/22/2018
Low Thyroid, Slow Metabolism: In today's show, we are discussing low thyroid function, including autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto's disease. Learn what happens when your thyroid is inflamed as well as the symptoms of Hashimoto's. We'll also look into causes of Hashimoto's and some nutritional solutions.
00:00:00 9/8/2018
Guest Nutritionist and Author Ann Louise Gittleman calls in to discuss radical metabolism on Dishing Up Nutrition.
00:00:00 8/25/2018

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