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Donna Valentine, longtime music radio DJ and dog lover, enjoys spending time uninterrupted in her multi-level home. TV Personality Steve Patterson, a millennial father of three, thinks there's no such thing as too much cologne. He calls her "Crazy Aunt Donna," and he calls himself, "Stevie Boy." She ignores him. It's the "Grammar Police," aka "Donna & Steve," as heard 9-12n CST weekdays on myTalk 107.1 FM radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


Donna & Steve

6/26 Wed. Hr. 3: Legalize Lemonade, Major Regrets, and Creepy Crawlys

Country Time lemonade is trying to legalize it. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul teased something on social media and we think it will be cool. Germany wants to ban spinach. What are the college majors people regret? The Millennial X Games. Where is the world's largest water slide? What is the strangest critter you have found in your house?
00:39:45 6/26/2019

Past Episodes

We take a listen to a new song from Chris Brown and Justin Beiber and wonder why Chris Brown hasn't been cancelled. There is another BTS movie on the way. Sebastian Maniscalco will be hosting the MTV VMA's. Jake Owen covers Cher and it is actually pretty good. Instagram says it is not listening to us but it totally is. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Historical Dramas. Ways to save money on Uber and Lyft.
00:42:22 6/26/2019
Steve finished season 1 of Big Little Lies and gives his thoughts on the whole thing. Donna made the mistake of giving herself bangs again. Fun facts about Wednesday. We break down the definition of Cul-De-Sac. Trevor Noah can do some great impressions so we have to try ours out. Stop should not be a hard word to spell. We need to figure out our state fair t shirt.
00:41:17 6/26/2019
An exciting tie breaking game this week!
00:16:39 6/26/2019
There have been rumors floating around the Macaulay Culkin should play The Joker in the upcoming Batman film. What are slang words that every generation says. Confessions: What is something you got caught doing in public? Donna had a funny incident losing her phone this morning. Ryan had a strange encounter in his parking lot.
00:00:00 6/25/2019
We go through a list of the greatest one hit wonder songs. Ryan has been sticking with The Bachelorette and is getting real frustrated with the whole show. A very special guest joins the College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Classic toys. What health products are you wasting money on? House hold hacks.
00:41:01 6/25/2019
It's the Donna and Ryan show today! Donna finished Chernobyl on HBO and absolutely loved it. Ikea is getting into the food food delivery business. Men will not be necessary when recolonizing Mars. There are so many pre-written obituaries of celebrities. Ryan watched The Rolling Thunder Revue documentary on Netflix and gives his review. Donna and Ryan both caught up on Big Little Lies. A bride who was scamming her maids. The Woodstock 50 festival just needs to stop.
00:41:33 6/25/2019
What is something inappropriate/funny that you got caught doing in public?
00:14:42 6/25/2019
Toy Story did not do as well at the box office as anticipated. What is America's favorite Pixar Movie? Kevin Costner dropped a bomb about The Bodyguard. Tyler Perry gave a fantastic speech at the BET awards last night. What foods do people refrigerate? Alice Cooper has a death pact with his wife. Do you have a pact? What is Fleabag?
00:42:27 6/24/2019
There is a new Prince album out and we take a listen to him singing Manic Monday. The Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise fight could still happen. Cardi B made history at the BET awards last night. Donna watched more of Chernobyl and really thinks it is a masterpiece. Steve checked out Murder Mystery on Netflix and gives his review. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: LGBTQ celebrities. Steve spent way too much money at Home Goods over the weekend. What was the deal with that high wire special last night?
00:38:26 6/24/2019
We had such a great time at the Pride Parade yesterday! Donna partied with Jason and is getting into the dog fostering business. Ryan is not feeling too hot. Steve had a car issue this morning but persevered. Peaches and Nectarines are the same thing. The Jersey Shore is filled with frauds. A rare whale song. What weird thing has your pet eaten? A woman who was forgotten on a plane
00:43:29 6/24/2019

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