Donna & Steve

Donna Valentine, longtime music radio DJ and dog lover, enjoys spending time uninterrupted in her multi-level home. TV Personality Steve Patterson, a millennial father of three, thinks there's no such thing as too much cologne. He calls her "Crazy Aunt Donna," and he calls himself, "Stevie Boy." She ignores him. It's the "Grammar Police," aka "Donna & Steve," as heard 9-12n CST weekdays on myTalk 107.1 FM radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


Donna & Steve

4/19 Fri. Hr. 3: Movie Reviews and Previews, Licky Boom Boom Down, and Lu Patterson Tells The Truth About Her Husband

Donna watched On The Basis of Sex but did not think it lived up to the hype. Another teaser for Toy Story 4 has been released. What are the best and worst Easter candies? Katy Perry and Daddy Yankee have done a remix of Snow by Informer. Eric Clapton did an electric version of Layla after several years. A star studded music video for Earth Day. BTS has broken all sorts of records. What do you appreciate most about your husband? We call Steve's wife Lu to get some affirmations.
00:39:38 4/19/2019

Past Episodes

Meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas from KSTP joins the program to give us some insight on what to predict for our summer forecast. Elmo visits the set of Game of Thrones. There is going to be a live reboot of All in the Family and The Jeffersons. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Actors who became politicians. We share vulnerable moments.
00:40:10 4/19/2019
We declare that spring has officially sprung. We look into the farmers almanac. Steve was a rock star in Elk River yesterday. Minnie Mouse finally put on pants. A little sports talk and we break down the Vikings schedule. Jason Mamoa shaved his beard and we have thoughts. Jeremy Parsons from People Magazine joins the show! We talk Coachella, Idris Elba made his DJ'ing debut, Kanye is holding an Easter Sunday service. the latest on Lori Loughlin, and Wendy Williams. Kevin Hunter has been fired from the Wendy Williams show. Joe Guidice will not be deported.
00:39:30 4/19/2019
We talk Coachella, Idris Elba made his DJ'ing debut, Kanye is holding an Easter Sunday service, the latest on Lori Loughlin, and Wendy Williams. Catch Jeremy on People Now Streaming live 12pm ET on twitter. Also streams on PeopleTV - on AppleTV Roku and other streaming platforms.
00:16:53 4/19/2019
We get some insight on what to predict for our summer forecast, our weekend forecast, and why it is all happening.
00:12:20 4/19/2019
There is a new movie called Penguins and it features Steve Patterson if he was a Penguin. Chrissy Metz has a new movie called Breakthrough and it gave us goosebumps. What do millennials do when something breaks in the home? Bob Dylan berated some fans at a concert for taking pictures. Lorde covers Simon and Garfunkle. Madonna releases a new song. We say goodbye to Marley McMillan.
00:39:35 4/18/2019
Throwback Thursday! Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Def Leppard, and U2. An update in the college admissions scandal. Mossimo Giannulli has a history of being a cheat. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Influential People. Shawn Mendes does not wash his face. We discuss skin care. Meat is not good for you but whatever. The 5 biggest sleep myths.
00:40:19 4/18/2019
Steve has an update on his shoulder situation. We're ready for Ryan's day in court. Time has released their 100 most influential people list. Rob Gronkowski dented the Lombardi Trophy. The Motorola Razer is making a come back. New Year's Rocking Eve will have a lottery addition. We have further confirmation that a Fraisier reboot is happening. There is a staggering amount of people who watch Game of Thrones illegally. The Jeopardy record holder just broke his own record. Alex Trebek gives an update on his health. How has your partner failed you in the delivery room?
00:39:44 4/18/2019
There are new Avengers Emoji. Is it Emoji or Emojis? How to avoid Avengers spoilers. Russell Crowe is going to be in a limited series as Roger Ailes. Scrotox is apparently a thing. The Millennial X Games! How did you know you were old? Lynn Koplitz ends our show with a laugh.
00:39:46 4/17/2019
Beyonce has released her Coachella concert special on Netflix and has also released an album and a new song. Nipsey Hussel was good with his money. Breast Milk will be the next big thing. You need to throw out your Chips Ahoy. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Celebrities born in France. We are gearing up for Prince celebrations. How to re purpose your cellphones. You could win a trip to a Game of Thrones tour of Croatia.
00:00:00 4/17/2019
Donna and Steve both had encounters with children yesterday. One left Steve injured and the other left Donna broke. Steve does not like Bloody Mary's and we think he is wrong. Ryan finished watching Killing Eve and loved it. A list of the smartest celebrities. We wish we were that smart. Penn Jillette has a gross hot tub. Steve really needs help with his shoulder.
00:39:20 4/17/2019

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