Enough About Me with Shep Rose

This is a podcast that defies description. Mainly because it's too difficult for me to put into words. I'll be talking to athletes, teachers, soldiers, stunt men, myself, and circus clowns (ok, maybe not clowns) about their lives and mine. Of course, I'll also happily discuss this little show called SOUTHERN CHARM and have lots of fun with the fans. I want to dig into life and the world and basically get weird.


Enough About Me with Shep Rose

Jaime Harrison

Jaime Harrison is a former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party currently campaigning for the South Carolina U.S. Senate seat in the 2020 election. Join Shep as he talks with Jaime about the impact tariffs have had on South Carolina, the urgency of global warming and energy conservation and the state of political parties in the United States.
00:38:00 6/19/2019

Past Episodes

Actors Tony and Annie Cavalero kick it with Shep this week for a conversation about meeting at the Groundlings, auditioning for SNL, sobriety, military academy and much more!
00:58:00 6/11/2019
Shep is joined by fellow SOUTHERN CHARM-er Austen Kroll. Hear about Austen's intriguing origins as well as tales of tumultuous relationships and how Conan O'Brien inspires Austen to be enemy-free.
00:42:00 6/5/2019
Coming soon!
00:01:30 5/17/2019

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