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211: Arthur Brooks | How Loving Your Enemies Can Save America

Arthur Brooks (@arthurbrooks) is a social scientist, Washington Post columnist, president of the American Enterprise Institute, and author of Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt.

What We Discuss with Arthur Brooks:

  • Why happiness relies on being mindful of what you have right now instead of comparing yourself to others who have what you want.
  • A disheartening statistic: One in six Americans has stopped talking to a family member or close friend entirely because of politics.
  • How gratitude can be used as an anesthetic for contempt.
  • Why a healthy society elevates authoritative leaders in search of cooperation for the greater good over coercive leaders who bully their way toward short-term results.
  • Why we should commit not to be -- or interact with people who hide behind being -- anonymous on the Internet.
  • And much more...

Full show notes and resources can be found here:

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