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216: Chelsea Handler | Life Will Be the Death of Me

Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) is a writer, comedian, producer, TV host, activist, and the author of five consecutive New York Times bestsellers -- her latest is Life Will Be the Death of Me...And You Too!

What We Discuss with Chelsea Handler:

  • Finding the line between mood enhancement and paranoia-generating abuse when it comes to cannabis.
  • How a DUI at age 21 led to Chelsea's entry into the world of standup comedy, and what she was really trying to get from her search for attention.
  • As someone who's never been afraid to quit a job she's grown tired of doing, what really matters to Chelsea?
  • What's the difference between authentic generosity and generosity that just feeds the giver's ego?
  • Why is Chelsea writing books, doing standup comedy, and working on television projects when she was sure she'd burned out on doing all of these things not long ago?
  • And much more...

Full show notes and resources can be found here:

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