Pardon My Take

The Cup is staying in Pittsburgh as the Penguins win back to back Stanley Cups (3:33 - 6:11). Power Ranking sports trophies (6:11 - 8:49). NBA Finals update and Draymond embracing full heel (8:49 - 14:27). Who's back of the week (14:27 - 20:18). Former San Antonio Spur and 2X NBA Champion Matt Bonner joins the show to talk about the NBA Finals, playing for Pop, and chasing a Stone Cold Steve Austin belt in the late 90's (20:18 - 50:29). Segments include Talking Soccer and Pulisic mania, Trouble in Paradise, Torch Update for Tennis, PR 101 for Sebastian Telfair, and Sorry not Sorry for Jeff Van Gundy telling us to say sorry to Khloe Kardashian.

65:59 6/11/2017

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