Everyday Driver

420: Oddballs And Eccentricities, Brand Box, Styling Champion

Is styling the leading reason why you might buy a car? For enthusiast Jeremy M., it's very high on the list, along with hydraulic steering racks and cable throttle bodies. Josh H. is a Subaru WRX fan, and thinking for the future while shopping for a new SUV for his wife. Social media questions include feedback received from OEMs about negative commentary, car values of the 2000s, and who is the all-time design winner between Jaguar and Mercedes? Season 5 is now airing on the Motor Trend network through September 2019, Season 4 is available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo worldwide. Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, the Everyday Driver show on IMDB and Amazon, and write to us with your Topic Tuesday discussions and podcast debates at everydaydrivertv@gmail.com or everydaydriver.com. Thanks for listening and share the podcast with your fellow car enthusiast friends!

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