Everyday Driver

424: Convincing The Wife, Plotting Your Extremes, Suing For Extra

When you're lost on what to buy next and need driving homework, what do you do? The guys make suggestions for Bo, who is usually the one to make recommendations to friends. Aleks R. in CA has a new job and wants something fun to handle the commute. Finally, social media questions include how to convince your wife a car is safe, what are the best car questions to ask someone, and why do companies underrate their horsepower figures? Season 5 is now airing on the Motor Trend network through September 2019, Season 4 is available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo worldwide. Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, the Everyday Driver show on IMDB and Amazon, and write to us with your Topic Tuesday discussions and podcast debates at everydaydrivertv@gmail.com or everydaydriver.com. Thanks for listening and share the podcast with your fellow car enthusiast friends!

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