The Mom Show

Sanni and DeAnne L. Dulas from Sheridan & Dulas discuss equal parenting time, best interest factors, and how this law compares in Minnesota.

The Mom Show
00:43:00 5/19/2019

Past Episodes

Miss Shannan is joined with Cassandra Brasier and Carla Zevnik-Seufzer (Clearstep Financial to discuss how to take advantage of "The Good Old Days' we're currently in right now due to the current economy, job market, and low interest rates.
00:44:06 8/4/2019
In their inaugural episode, Miss Shannan is joined by Dr. Andrea & John Hutchinson from Care Counseling to discuss some of the things people worry about before they decide to start seeing a counselor as well as what to look for in a therapist.
00:44:29 7/27/2019
Host Miss Shannan and Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass (Health Foundations Birth Center and Women's Health Clinic) discuss everything that encompasses the health of Women.
00:46:13 7/21/2019
Hosts Miss Shannan is joined by DeAnne Dulas and Andrew Hunstad of Sheridan and Dulas, P.A. to talk about how owning a business impacts divorce.
00:45:28 7/14/2019
Hosts Miss Shannan and Cassandra Brasier from Clearstep Financial talk about some of key steps you can make to better prepare you for retirement.
00:45:05 6/30/2019
Sanni is joined by Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass with Health Foundations Birth Center and Women's Health Clinic to discuss vaginal birth after cesarean (VBACs). They also look at statistics and share what questions to ask your provider.
00:41:00 6/23/2019
Host Miss Shannon, along with DeAnne Dulas and Andrew Hunstad from Sheridan & Dulas discuss LGBTQ Issues and Family Law.
00:42:00 6/16/2019
Hosts Miss Shannan and Cassandra Brassier from Clearstep Financial discuss some of the changes that have taken place in the world of Life Insurance.
00:42:19 6/9/2019
Miss Shannon, Cassandra Brashier, and Carla Zevnik-Seufzer from ClearStep Financial discuss key steps when it comes to financial goals and parenthood.
00:43:00 5/12/2019
Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass joins Host Miss Shannan to discuss some of the questions you should ask when looking for a new health care provider.
00:00:00 4/28/2019

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