Who is Mr. Stubbs? Frank Zappa's house, trash talk, a trip through downtown Mesa, & our attempt to drive Dave Donnelly: Public Defender crazy.

01:04:00 10/7/2018

Past Episodes

The classic comedy of Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Saturday Night Live, & The Tonight Show, as seen through the eyes of Robert Klein, originator of the HBO comedy special. Drugs, angering Chuck Berry, & boating with Rodney Dangerfield.
00:55:32 10/21/2018
Casting Penn & Teller's Invisible Thread, forgiveness vs. punishment, Johnny Thompson's unforgivable sin, & Paul Simon's Adios, Hermanos.
00:54:38 10/17/2018
Penn discovers a new magical power, mechanical slot machine hype, & writing to a crazy person. Live from Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Scoopfest 2018.
00:54:33 10/14/2018
Tiny Tim explained, classics of magic re-imagined, & Penn's journal tips.
01:02:23 10/10/2018
Penn meets pollster Frank Luntz after ruining his life. Neil Degrasse Tyson goes to the movies. Penn's family hated Titanic & loved Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
00:49:05 10/3/2018
Misunderstandings at Robin Leach's Celebration of Life, anti-roast "Boasts", & the best way to travel in Las Vegas.
00:56:56 9/30/2018
The Brink: President Reagan & the Nuclear War Scare of 1983 author Marc Ambinder reveals what's wrong with our nuclear defense system, & what we could do to fix it.
00:58:43 9/26/2018
Crowd management advice for new magicians, Paul Simon retires, & Marc Ambinder's The Brink: President Reagan & the Nuclear War Scare of 1983.
01:03:46 9/23/2018
A little extra time with Director's Cut star, Missi Pyle, before her Vegas departure. Penn loves Mark Rylance, natural breast warmth, & Portland, Oregon. The politics of the judiciary, not so much.
01:16:33 9/19/2018
Nudity & rejection in entertainment, method vs. recall, kissing vs. running, Burt Reynolds vs. Sally Field, & the star of Director's Cut, Missi Pyle.
00:57:32 9/16/2018

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