Tune in to FEDtalk this Friday for a fascinating look into the federal whistleblowing process. Joining host Debra Roth will be the founders of Whistleblower Aid, John Tye and Mark Zaid.

00:53:37 12/13/2018

Past Episodes

As the federal government becomes increasingly digital, it also becomes increasingly at risk for cyberattacks.
00:53:44 9/5/2019
Tune in to FEDtalk this week for a discussion on the importance of whistleblower protection.
00:53:44 8/22/2019
Tune in to FEDtalk this week for a discussion on the transition between college and government.
00:53:44 8/8/2019
Tune in this week for the mid-year reporter roundtable.  Hear from top federal employee reporters about how 2019 is going and what is still to come for the federal workforce.
00:53:44 7/25/2019
Tune in to FEDtalk this week for a discussion of ethics and accountability in the federal government. The guests will cover the Professional Review process for government attorneys and other government ethics considerations.
00:53:31 6/20/2019
To find out what our National Parks have to offer, tune in to FEDtalk this Friday and start planning your trip!
00:53:38 6/9/2019
Host Debra Roth will sit down with Shane Canfield, CEO of Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies (WAEPA), and Joan Melanson, the director of Education and Outreach for the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) at Long Term Care Partners.
00:53:38 5/16/2019
Last week, President Trump signed an executive order officially moving all security clearance functions under the purview of the Department of Defense. To find out what this change means for the process, the backlog, and the future, tune in to FEDtalk this Friday to have all of your questions answered.
00:53:39 5/2/2019
Even though senior leaders know they need to keep their skills sharp through continued development opportunities, finding the time, let alone the budget, for training and development is a constant challenge.
00:53:41 4/18/2019
What do you know about the 2020 Census?
00:53:38 4/4/2019

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