The Lyons Den with Ben Lyons

Writer/Director Augustine Frizzell joins Ben to talk about her new film, "Never Goin' Back", inspirations and memories of Amadeus and guacamole, putting together a perfect cast, and the work and exhaustion that come with creating a successful film.

The Lyons Den with Ben Lyons
00:22:53 8/7/2018

Past Episodes

Actress Jessie Buckley is hanging with Ben talking about her new film, "Wild Rose." Plus, how the idea for the film came about, working on the new series "Chernobyl", feeling a little out of place in Hollywood, taking the film to Toronto, and what's coming up!
00:29:08 6/11/2019
Director Grant Sputore talks to Ben about his new film, "I Am Mother, the process of getting his first feature made, working with Hillary Swank, getting the script on the blacklist, and his plans for the future now that a film like this has been made. Then he chats with Jaime Maggio about her sports broadcasting career, how she found a unique job, how she keeps work from getting dull, and how to stay on top of your on-camera game.
00:49:35 6/4/2019
Friend and Director of Entertainment Marketing for the TAO Group, Deb Fass enters the Lyons den to talk with Ben about the ups and downs of the world of nightlife. Plus, hear some of her big celeb encounters!
00:52:48 5/21/2019
Actor David Dastmalchian joins Ben to talk about his new film, "All Creatures Here Below," and the process of both writing the script and starring in it. Plus, working alongside Karen Gillan, the growing recognition he's starting to see, and his unorthodox work history before breaking out as an actor.
00:32:49 5/14/2019
Documentarian Dexton Deboree sits down with Ben to talk about his new documentary, "Unbanned: The Legend of the AJ1" and how the Air Jordan completely changed the sneakers game. More than it is a story about an athlete or a sports, it's the story of a shoe that became its own celebrity. Then, comedian Adam Ray joins to talk about his new comedy album, "Read the Room", the NBA, and their media friendship!
00:49:53 5/7/2019
Friend of the show and glasses designer Garrett Leight sits down with Ben to talk about his passion for the Lakers and Dodgers as well as his passion for eyewear and how he established himself and dealt with nepotism in his industry.
00:29:45 4/30/2019
Actor Ed Begley Jr. joins Ben to talk about his new show, "Bless This Mess" and even has some environmentally friendly car recommendations for Ben. Plus, Ben's sister Hannah is in the studio!
00:23:21 4/23/2019
Ben starts off talking to Elsa Collins about where Kevin Durant is going (or not going), hoops in general, activism, and the importance of getting a democrat in the white house in 2020. Then he talks with fellow Podcasters Jamie Lynn Sigler and Jenna Parris about their new podcast, ,"Mama Said."
00:48:39 4/16/2019
Friend of show and fellow host Shane Powers joins Ben to talk everything from hanging with the Chili Peppers in Egypt to politics to the challenges he face along his path that led him to personal success!
00:50:44 4/10/2019
Actor and Director Emilio Estevez joins Ben to talk about his new film, "The Public" and how he managed to put together such an incredible ensemble cast. Then, Diarra Kilpatrick joins to talk about her work on the upcoming Twilight Zone reboot and working alongside Tracy Morgan on "The Last OG".
00:52:18 4/2/2019

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