Play with Pain: Chet Waterhouse

Chet starts a 3-week Adam Carolla Show deep-dive with the podcast's no-patience bug zapper.

00:36:14 3/21/2018

Past Episodes

Funny guy and PodcastOne auto pro Spike Feresten's take on the gas pedal leaves Chet speechless! That has NEVER HAPPENED!!!
00:47:00 7/18/2018
Chet goes deep Irish with the hilarious writer and Letterman vet Joe Furey!
00:36:32 7/11/2018
PodcastOne's own Ben Lyons is so busy Chet only got the interview by being there when Ben woke up with indigestion at 3am. THAT'S dedication!
00:37:49 7/4/2018
The always funny Francisco Ramos helps Chet invent a new soccer Teal Card for "poor fake falls." Yerrr out!!
00:37:37 6/27/2018
First-ever trippy metaphysical podcast as the "Mr. Show" legend spins Chet's head like an errant discus.
00:46:40 6/20/2018
America's funniest short guy towers over Chet until Chet pulls the nut-punch card!
00:42:58 6/13/2018
The former SUNY-Cortland point guard-turned-hilarious comic lights Chet up from the trey line!
00:50:26 6/6/2018
Only Chet could get Canada's finest young comic, who's deaf, to confess that he lip reads like crap!
00:43:15 5/30/2018
Double the Michigan Men and triple the laughs, and YES, Harbaugh's the right coach!
00:44:18 5/23/2018
The MST3K legend and comedy doc director peppers Chet's pitches to all fields and will NOT let anything past him.
00:40:07 5/16/2018

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