Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay

Bud is going to prison...but not for what you think. Plus, here is your chance to be Coach Berube - what would you tell our St. Louis Blues to cheer them up after the blown call?

Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay
00:20:10 5/15/2019

Past Episodes

Bud and Broadway wanna know, why do we still get phone books still delivered to our house? Who uses a phone book? Broadway is especially upset by this. Plus, someone lost their leg in Fenton...and we wanna find the owner!
00:39:30 6/17/2019
Did you know you can rent chickens and a coop? How does that work exactly? Plus, what did you buy Dad for Father's Day...Broadway scored BIG!
00:32:45 6/16/2019
The last couple of months have been a nail-bitter, waiting for the St. Louis Blues to win the Stanley Cup. Well, they did it! We gave you the chance to congratulate the guys and participate in the Bud and Broadway Bi-State Beep for the Blues!
00:20:20 6/13/2019
Dierks Bentley is a HUGE hockey fan. Sweet Becca found out that yes, he is rooting for the Blues to win! Plus, what happens when you add a puppy to painting...it ends bad.
00:26:05 6/10/2019
Bud has a very...very long Saturday. He walked at least 16,000 steps and an 11 year old boy could feel his pain. Plus Broadway's son Grayson isn't non verbal, he just isn't very verbal - you could understand him when he said this though!
00:26:25 6/9/2019
Laila Anderson, the St. Louis Blues good luck charm, tells us about her friendship with the players and her new bobble head. Plus, who have you known with a seriously funny name? Junior Jr.???
00:30:00 6/5/2019
Broadway recently found out that Billy Jr isn't really a Jr when talking to the white trash division of his family. Plus, Bud and Broadway are both mad because no one notices anything!
00:26:00 6/4/2019
Tomato sandwiches caused a major fight today on the show - how do you feel about them...yes or no? Plus, we talked to Howie - the Keeper of the Stanley Cup!
00:25:45 6/3/2019
Broadway's neighborhood is so fancy that he has a shaved ice company stop by. Plus, Dierks Bentley talked to us about having to reschedule his show and answered questions from YOU!
00:20:00 6/2/2019
Broadway for real nearly died over the weekend, luckily he is just fine. Plus, what have you bought off the side of the road? Peanuts, grapes...bonsai trees?
00:26:35 5/27/2019

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