Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay

There was some MAJOR drama at the big Derby this weekend...we tried to figure out what happened. Plus, we were finally able to cut the grass this weekend, which lead to a groundhog discovery!

Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay
00:32:00 5/5/2019

Past Episodes

One out of every three women have been on a foodie call - going on a date, just to get a free meal. We had a hard time believing this...does it happen in STL? Plus, we like to celebrate those times when someone says something or does something strange and all you can think is...that's all I need to know about you.
00:26:30 6/25/2019
Kelly from Arnold's family has a lake trailer at Tablerock Lake in the Shady Shores community...and there's always a story about someone doing something dumb. Plus, lots of people are getting sick after traveling to the Dominican Republic...which means you may change your travel plans. Where is a good place to go on vacation?
00:31:15 6/24/2019
Tyler Hubbard, of Florida Georgia Line, spent some time to talk to us about new acoustic music, fishing and how their wives help them pick songs. AND Albert Pujols returned to STL for the first time...and it was magical.
00:26:05 6/23/2019
Apparently up to 39% of the US population doesn't wear deodorant...wait, what? Plus, it's our favorite time of the week, Finally Friday Emails. This week they go out to phone books, Albert Pujols and summer!
00:22:45 6/20/2019
JT lost his keys...in the garbage. Where have you lost your keys? Plus, we have a new fancy "vending machine" that may be too smart for us.
00:32:30 6/19/2019
Thomas Rhett talked to Bud and Broadway about how much he loves the 4th of July, what his girls got him for Father's Day and taking an ice bath! Plus, Bud has had his new bonsai tree for a few weeks...and may have already killed it!
00:28:30 6/18/2019
Bud and Broadway wanna know, why do we still get phone books still delivered to our house? Who uses a phone book? Broadway is especially upset by this. Plus, someone lost their leg in Fenton...and we wanna find the owner!
00:39:30 6/17/2019
Did you know you can rent chickens and a coop? How does that work exactly? Plus, what did you buy Dad for Father's Day...Broadway scored BIG!
00:32:45 6/16/2019
The last couple of months have been a nail-bitter, waiting for the St. Louis Blues to win the Stanley Cup. Well, they did it! We gave you the chance to congratulate the guys and participate in the Bud and Broadway Bi-State Beep for the Blues!
00:20:20 6/13/2019
Dierks Bentley is a HUGE hockey fan. Sweet Becca found out that yes, he is rooting for the Blues to win! Plus, what happens when you add a puppy to painting...it ends bad.
00:26:05 6/10/2019

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