Play with Pain: Chet Waterhouse

PodcastOne's own Ben Lyons is so busy Chet only got the interview by being there when Ben woke up with indigestion at 3am. THAT'S dedication!

00:37:49 7/4/2018

Past Episodes

What's the comedic equivalent of the old hidden ball trick? The hysterical Wendy Liebman helps define that for Chet!
00:42:00 9/19/2018
The hilarious Hugh Fink survived seven years in the writers room at Saturday Night Live so he didn't break a sweat with Chet! Visit our sponsor for all your gambling needs
00:37:00 9/12/2018
Comedian Sarah Tiana gives the most honest answer ever to the question, Can Georgia Beat Bama? - "Ohh God."
00:38:00 9/5/2018
Chet and the great Dennis Miller laugh so hard they pulled their rotator cuffs
00:32:00 8/29/2018
Listen to the hilarious and wise Larry Miller and learn how the phrase "Use your hand to block the bag" can Change. Your. Life!
00:47:00 8/22/2018
Talking to Princeton grad, NFL alum and Podcast One host Ross Tucker is as close as Chet will ever get to the Ivy League!!
00:35:00 8/15/2018
The hilarious Jay Larson let's go of his unflagging love for New England sports just long enough to share a little chat he had w/DAVID LYNCH
00:35:00 8/8/2018
Legendary sports photographer Andrew Bernstein hosts "Legends of Sport" on PodcastOne and convinces Chet that shooting hockey may be the most dangerous activity on earth.
01:05:00 8/1/2018
He survived Roseanne. He survived Tom Arnold. Can comedian Joe Madison survive Chet?!
00:50:00 7/25/2018
Funny guy and PodcastOne auto pro Spike Feresten's take on the gas pedal leaves Chet speechless! That has NEVER HAPPENED!!!
00:47:00 7/18/2018

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