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Rone is Back! Adam Ferrone makes his long awaited return from his California sabbatical this week and he picks up right where he left off. This week's show also includes a conversation about proposals at sporting events, Dave's experience as head coach of the Barstool rec league basketball team, and Dave's '27 Reminders Why Lebron James Is Still The Antichrist'. Spider Monkey Nate and Blockhead Smitty come back into the radio ring once again to preview their upcoming head to head poker match, and 15 year old Steve tells the guys how Barstool helps his family get through family dinners each night.

01:34:56 5/8/2017

Past Episodes

The intensity of the Barstool office was at an all time high. Eagles fans were upset over the Carson Wentz injury, Mets/Red Sox fans were angry at the Giancarlo Stanton trade, and everyone else was getting jacked up for Rough N Rowdy on Friday night. We reminisce about the Blackout Tour days where we were making a ton of money, throwing crazy foam parties, and fighting entire fraternities for our survival. Judd Apatow appears as a guest on the show for the second time. Brendan Schaub calls in to give his expert MMA opinion on Hank vs. Tex. Dave calls in the day of the fight from a West Virginia Chick-Fil-A to give an update on how things are going, and tell a story about going to the strip club the night before. All this and more on Barstool Radio.
02:26:19 12/17/2017
Dave calls in live from a Chick-fil-A in West Virginia. The animosity between Hank and Tex is growing after Tex said some shit about Ria, and Hank pantsed Tex. Dave tells a wild story about going to a West Virginia strip club and seeing something insanely strange.
00:09:44 12/15/2017
A caller asks the KFC Radio guys if Hank has secretly been training in underground fight clubs, which reminds Feitelberg of the time he and Gaz had to fight off a ton of frat brothers during the Blackout tour days. A picture surfaces from around the time of the incident where Feits has a shaved head, Gaz has hair, and they both have black eyes.
00:09:54 12/14/2017
With Rough N Rowdy just a few days away, we reminisce about the other large events we have put on in the past, specifically the Barstool Blackout Tour. Julie Stewart-Binks learns all about the history of the Blackout Tour, from putting the shows together, to Glenn the Foam Guy, to the press coverage that tried to sink the pirate ship. We look back on one of Dave's favorite Barstool videos ever, 'Barstool Sports is a pirate."
00:09:58 12/13/2017
Noah Syndergaard has deleted all his old Instagram photos of his ex-girlfriend, which means he's back in the running as NYC's most eligible athlete, along with Giancarlo Stanton and Kristaps Porzingis. Dave believes that he and Kristaps have similar chances at picking up hot chicks because nobody wants to date a goofy-looking 7'3 Latvian dude. We also revisit some of Dave's best commentary from last year's Rough N Rowdy.
00:09:59 12/12/2017
Passion ran hot at Barstool HQ this week with Rough N Rowdy just around the corner. Intense arguments like 'Would Wayne Gretzky make it in today's NFL?" and "Is Conor McGregor cheating on his girl with Rita Ora?" consumed the office. Dave has become obsessed with trying to obtain as much Bitcoin as he can, despite not knowing anything about it. Big Cat and Ria admit that they are a little nervous at the prospect of Hank losing to Tex in RnR, and Tex tries to fight Big Cat in the studio. 15-Year-Old Steve also came in to hangout with us for his 16th birthday, but he'll always be 15 in our hearts.
02:26:38 12/10/2017
As Rough N Rowdy 1: There Will Be Blood approaches, Ria and Big Cat are starting to get a little nervous that Hank won't beat Tex. Big Cat calls Tex a pussy, and this prompts the two to engage in fisticuffs. Kevin met his hero Mike Francesa yesterday, and that reminds Dave of the time his dad called Boston radio host Eddie Andelman to defend a boxer named Dangerous Dana Rosenblatt. Andelman called Mr. Portnoy a pinhead and Dave will never forget it.
00:09:53 12/8/2017
Chaps is in town for the Army-Navy game this weekend, and his decision-making on what to order for lunch would surprise you. Michael Rapaport tries to give Chaps healthy suggestions in between loud, sickly-sounding coughs. Donald Trump is getting roasted on the internet because it seems like his dentures were falling out during a very important speech. Pres tells a story about what Captain Cons did at last year's Army-Navy game.
00:09:51 12/7/2017
People are mad online about Dave's latest pizza review because of the way Dave treated a homeless guy. However, the homeless guy knew about apps, had nice shoes, and said artichoke pizza was the best kind of pizza, so we have doubts he was even homeless at all. A WFAN caller asked Mike Francesa if he was on Team Portnoy, which led to Mike giving us props for our edginess. Despite how much he likes our Francesa-inspired t-shirts, he says he will not be joining Barstool after his run at WFAN is over next week.
00:09:53 12/6/2017
Frankie poses a hypothetical to Julie: Could 1984 Wayne Gretzky make an NHL team in the year 2017? Frankie says that since the style of play was so different back then that Gretzky wouldn't even be able to make an NHL roster today. Ryan Whitney and Stu Feiner call in to tell Frankie how absolutely wrong his take is.
00:09:59 12/5/2017

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