Bit Cast

Alex is 10 years late to the Bayonetta party. What does he think of it?

Bit Cast
00:36:23 5/8/2019

Past Episodes

The 100th Bit Cast! Alex and his guest talk about Chrono Trigger and how the story makes good use of its setting.
01:19:44 9/11/2019
Alex talks about Tetris. Yup it sure is Tetris.
00:26:49 9/4/2019
Why talk about the newest Fire Emblem when you can talk about a really old, hard to find one? Alex, Metallover Ben and Minute Rice discuss the origin of Ike.
00:57:06 8/28/2019
Alex reflects on a Kirby game that used to be pretty overlooked.
00:28:13 8/21/2019
Video games are too violent? Nonsense. Now here's a game about punching people professionally.
00:26:43 8/14/2019
Alex invites Philip (Octopath Traveler, Mother 3) back to the show to talk about one of the most passionate Square-Enix games they've played.
01:20:37 8/7/2019
Alex takes a look at Mario's medical history, from NES to mobile.
00:26:47 7/31/2019
It's Alex's birthday, so he and his brother talk about their all-time favorite video game and steer the conversation all Rogueport.
01:12:43 7/24/2019
Alex guides you through Asymmetric's journey to the wild west, where stick figures and evil cows roam the landscape.
00:25:40 7/17/2019
Alex and his brother talk about Final Fantasy, Gunstar Heroes and Lani Minella while talking about Cuphead.
00:29:35 7/10/2019

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