The Producer's Guide

The Oscar nominated producer behind Captain Phillips, The Social Network, Moneyball and The 50 Shades Franchise - Mike Deluca - sits down with his buddy Todd Garner to talk about the troubles and triumphs of his career.

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The Producer's Guide
01:09:00 7/12/2018

Past Episodes

In Hollywood - everyone's career is weird. Sean Anders shares how frozen food entrees sparked his film making career and the insights he learned working on Sex Drive, Hot Tub Time Machine, the Daddy's Home franchise - and his latest film - Instant Family. ALSO - Todd reveals his favorite Sandler film!
01:14:00 11/15/2018
From child acting to portraying the biggest TV and film zeitgeist characters of a generation to creating one of the most successful shows in Adult Swim history...Seth Green chats with Todd about his career, getting involved with NASA and writing / directing / starring in his upcoming film - Changeland!
01:08:00 11/8/2018

Actor / TV personality Ricki Lake and Producer / Director Abby Epstein talk about their powerful new documentary WEED THE PEOPLE - how Ricki's experience with water birth sparked their first doc THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN - and their process of creating and selling documentaries. 

01:13:00 11/1/2018
Rookie director Jeff Tomsic talks with Todd about how he went from studying film and computer science in Iowa to wrangling star studded talent and losing 35 pounds on the set of Tag.
01:27:00 10/25/2018
Veteran filmmaker Rob Cohen chats with Todd about his early days studying anthropology at Harvard, being the first Hollywood agent to ever read the Sting, his relationships with Yul Brynner and Berry Gordy, and directing the first installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise.
01:16:00 10/25/2018
On the 30th episode of The Producer's Guide - Todd brings back show favorite Billy Ray for an absolute clinic on silver screen story telling AND Billy talks about his upcoming TV miniseries about James Comey.
01:13:00 10/18/2018
Veteran television writer / producer Tim Doyle chats with Todd Garner about the evolution of TV production - using personal stories in scriptwriting - and Tim's work on hit shows like Roseanne, Big Bang Theory, Last Man Standing - and his newest show starting October 16 on ABC - The Kids Are Alright.
01:05:00 10/11/2018
For some - Hollywood is one big happy family. Todd chats with Thunder Road Films founder - Basil Iwanyk - about their unique relationship AND how working outside the system helped Basil create hit films like John Wick, Sicario and The Town.
01:18:00 10/4/2018
Not every filmmaker can transition from comedy to drama. Paul Weitz talks with Todd about his jump from directing American Pie with his brother Chris - to the creation of Mozart in the Jungle and his latest film - Bel Canto.
01:03:00 9/27/2018
Write what you know. Dan Fogelman has made a career adapting personal triumph and tragedy into content for the screen. Dan talks with Todd about how this idea has played into his work as the showrunner for the hit NBC drama This Is Us and his films The Guilt Trip and Life Itelf (in theaters this week)!
01:05:00 9/20/2018

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