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Celebratory Drinks

We're entering peak season for graduations, weddings and other celebrations (I'd raise a glass to the end of winter I was so happy it was over), and so today, we're asking the experts for help us choose some appropriate bottles to help mark the occasion. We begin with champagne of course. An obvious choice for a special occasion that requires toasting and celebrating. And joining us in our first segment to talk French bubbles is Collin Moody, the General Manager of Income Tax, a bar and restaurant on Chicago's North Side. Then we continue drinking bubbles, but rather than France, we're headed to Italy. Steve talks with Adriano Adami, the partner and wine director at Osteria Langhe about his beloved Italian prosecco. Then later, a trip to whisky fest, to raise a celebratory glass of barrel-aged bourbon with Jeffrey Lindenmuth, the Executive Editor of Whisky Advocate Magazine, and asked him to suggest a pair of whiskys that anyone could get their hands on.

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