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Amber and Chris debate the appropriate spend on a ring. Love, money, or both?

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00:02:03 10/10/2018

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How much online activity is really from humans? The fake news about the internet's users.
00:01:25 1/15/2019
Kim and Kroy celebrate Andy Cohen's new baby! Beware of changing diapers.
00:00:42 1/14/2019
First, moving rooms - then, no moving in bed. Spencer shares his drunk NYE eve in bed with Heidi and Gunner. Oh no! The spins.
00:02:39 1/14/2019
Chael doesn't like making the fans beg for a fight - but he understands why. Will it work with Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib?
00:01:30 1/14/2019
WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan talks about what it takes to get his beard ready for the world everyday.
00:01:18 1/13/2019
Hear how Jon's friend really created the first birdbox challenge on St. Patrick's Day.
00:01:15 1/12/2019
Talent manager Barry Katz gives praise to Todd Garner's work and podcast. Hear why.
00:01:08 1/10/2019
For the first time ever, hear the true story behind Jessica and Cody's proposal - why Jessica was mad and Cody was laughing!
00:01:20 1/9/2019
Heather and Natalie discuss whether to cut Heather's hair and reminisce on some questionably named hairstyles of the past.
00:01:06 1/3/2019
How Keltie turned her seat on the plane into a promotional platform - when Jac and Becca left her solo. Spread the word!
00:02:46 1/3/2019


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