Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Delaney Childs

Kaitlyn's guest for today's episode is the founder, creator and editor of the Styled Seed, Delaney Childs! Her lifestyle blog focuses on fashion, beauty and travel filled with styling tips and positivity. She and Kaitlyn have a discussion about health, water consumption and what it's like to keep up with a constant stream of content for social media. SHOPIFY - See all the ways Shopify is supporting independents at GEICO - Go to, and in fifteen minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance SHIP - Finding a date is more fun if you do it with friends. Search for Ship dating the app store to start swiping today! COORS LITE - Reach for the one beer that's made to chill. HULU - Hulu has the reality TV that you love so start your free trial today at MERCARI - Check out Mercari on the app stores or on

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