Kim Zolciak: Don't Be Tardy

Kim and Kroy kick off the podcast from their own home. Listen in as they tell you what this podcast is all about, help you to understand the power of positive manifestation, and finish off with some word association!

01:18:00 6/27/2018

Past Episodes

On this week's Don't Be Tardy, Kim and Kroy with the help of Brielle recount the chaotic events surrounding their son Kash getting bitten on the face by family dog Sinn. Before that Kim debuts plans for her new song, "Wig" and we learn the origins of Brielle's f***ing potty mouth.
01:26:00 7/18/2018
Kim's eldest daughter Brielle joins her and Kroy for the latest and least tardy installment of the podcast. Join in as Brielle picks her favorite sibling, Kroy leads a well thought out game of "Would you rather?", and Kim explains the power of manifesting through the maxim "You are what you think".
01:18:00 7/11/2018
Kim and Kroy are joined on the podcast by the self proclaimed favorite daughter Ariana to talk about learning to drive, what it was like accepting Kroy into her life, and word association. Then Kim breaks down gratitude in the Positivity Segment and the keys to maintaining it.
01:08:00 7/4/2018
Kim and Kroy decided since you were so amazing for the launch of the show, they would give you a bonus episode this first week. Join them as they talk about why their kids sleep in their room, what their favorite positions are and don't miss Kim's "Golden Nugget Beauty Tip of the Week"!
01:04:00 6/29/2018
Coming soon....
00:00:30 6/25/2018

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