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The ladies tell all the guys out there what NOT to do on your profile, and how women really see your photos, career listing, bio and more.

00:03:30 5/24/2018

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Was Stormy Daniels entrapped? Amber Rose and Dr. Chris dish out their thoughts. Plus, sex talk!
00:02:08 7/20/2018
Heather sings not only one, but two of her old answering machine jingles to Natalie. Where did she get the inspiration? Listen to find out!
00:02:35 7/20/2018
This week's guest, Justin Sylvester, turns the table on Speidi, as he unlocks the truth behind Speidi's rumored divorce back in 2010.
00:02:37 7/17/2018
Former major league pitcher, John Smoltz, tells Kelly and Scott why pitchers love to hit so much, and if there's a strategy behind it.
00:01:07 7/9/2018
Jon and Big Cat from Barstool Sports make a wager on their predictions for the Chicago Cubs and the World Series this year.
00:02:22 7/9/2018
With the kids away, Heather convinces Terry to take her on a trip to MedMen in Santa Ana. Find out about the aftermath of this adventure.
00:01:37 7/9/2018
Hear Marlon Wayans' passionate advice on getting into the entertainment industry and creating opportunities.
00:01:53 6/14/2018
Political Commentator Dave Rubin explains how his political shift has been received by his fellow LGBTQ community, including his view that once you have equality, you don't owe anyone.
00:02:08 6/14/2018
Tiffany Pollard reveals how she was first cast on TV, and ended up one of the original HBICs on Rock of Love and I Love NY. And no, she didn't know it was Flavor Flav!
00:01:18 6/14/2018
Rob teaches us how to handle hecklers in the audience!
00:01:54 6/1/2018


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