Seeing Red

On this week's episode, Bernie and Will break down a recent Ben Godar piece. Talk about another typical loss on Tuesday, Jack Flaherty's struggles, Jordan Hicks's UCL, Albert Pujols's return, and the Cardinals are still hanging in. Plus, a listener email to cap it all off.

Seeing Red
00:44:56 6/25/2019

Past Episodes

Bernie and Will react to the news of the great Bob Gibson being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 83. They also talk about the Cardinals still hanging around in the NL Central, Adam Wainwright's great performance on Sunday, and the one move they'd make f they were GM of the Cardinals.
00:58:06 7/14/2019
Bernie and Will reconvene as the Cardinals close out the unofficial first half with a 44-44 record. Their most recent disappointment: a blown no-hitter for Jack Flaherty resulting in a 1-0 loss to the Giants. Would we feel better if the Cubs were having their 2016 season? Paul Goldschmidt has seemingly gotten going, but will anyone else follow along? Plus, love for Edman!
00:54:27 7/7/2019
Bernie and Will reconvene for the first time since Mike Shildt's rant against the media. The guys explain why Shildt's anger is misdirected and unwarranted. Plus, Bernie and Will talk about the impact of Ozuna's injury, the benching of Matt Carpenter and the emergence of Carlos Martinez as a bullpen force.
00:57:39 6/30/2019
Bernie and Will reconnect midweek to talk about all the latest with the Cardinals. When will the Cardinals admit there is a problem with this offense? Why can't they hit some guy named Yamamoto? Will Carlos Martinez ever be added to the rotation? Plus, Bernie and Will talk about Albert Pujols making his return to St. Louis.
00:57:26 6/18/2019
The Cardinals went up to Wrigley Field this weekend and got swept by the Chicago Cubs...stop me when you've heard this before. Bernie and Will talk about another disappointing weekend for the Cardinals, and the real issues this team faces moving forward. Plus, a listener question about the Cardinals front office's approach to team building.
00:48:27 6/9/2019
After a month of bad baseball, the Cardinals start their June with an impressive sweep of the Cubs. Bernie and Will talk about the three-game sweep, and whether or not this team has taken a turn for the better. Adam Wainwright had one of the most unique starts you will see on Sunday, and he did so with Andrew Knizner as his battery mate. Will thinks people are booing the wrong Cubs player. Plus, a listener question about the future of Michael Wacha.
00:47:45 6/2/2019
Bernie and Will dive in on the sliding Cardinals, who have now lost 16 of their last 22. The guys talk about some questionable decisions from Mike Shildt, and why these decisions are more disappointing than anything else. Is Molina OK? Is it too early to panic about Goldy? Plus, Will continues to dive in on his obsession with FOX Sports Midwest's camera change. We will eventually get to the bottom of this!
00:55:02 5/27/2019
The Cardinals have continued to lose baseball games at an impressive rate, and Bernie and Will are trying to figure out why. Are they really this bad? Why does this team continue to find ways to lose? Plus, a listener suggests that moving Carpenter down in the lineup would limit the shifts he sees, inevitably raising his batting average and giving him more opportunities to hit with men on base. The guys talk about whether or not this makes sense.
00:42:52 5/19/2019
On this week's "Seeing Red," Bernie and Will talk about the current slump for the Cardinals, who have lost 9 of their last 11 games at the time of this recording. How concerned should we be with this latest trend of losing baseball? Will shares his frustrations with Shildt's love for bunting. Plus, Bernie and Will discuss whether moving Fowler into the lead-off spot might help this team right the ship.
00:46:23 5/12/2019
The St. Louis Cardinals went to Wrigley Field this weekend and got absolutely owned by the Chicago Cubs. Bernie and Will discuss whether or not they should overreact after the three-game sweep. They also talk about a troubling decision by Shildt from the weekend that reminds them of someone who used to manage the Cardinals. Plus, a listener question about the possibility of the Cardinals resigning Ozuna.
00:51:52 5/5/2019


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