DMV Sports Roundtable

Ernie Grunfeld Fired / NCAA Men's Final Four / Bryce Harper's Return To DC

Co-host Jamal Bowens finally gets his wish...Wizards Team President Ernie Grunfeld is gone. Wizards 24/7 Host Bryan Albin joins us with his take - plus predictions in the men's Final Four and Nats/Phillies with plenty of boos for Bryce's return to the nation's capital.

DMV Sports Roundtable
00:49:31 4/3/2019

Past Episodes

Jamal, George & Chee react to the Wizards selection of Rui Hachimura in Thursday's NBA draft and discuss how the Redskins season will shape up. How long will Case Keenum be the starter before the franchise turns to Dwayne Haskins?
00:00:00 6/20/2019
NBC Sports Washington's Ben Standig says it may be another 7-9 season for the Redskins - unless everything breaks exactly the right way for victory
00:52:21 6/12/2019
The star left tackle is reportedly frustrated with the Skins' medical staff. Reports say he's angry about a growth on his head - that had to be removed over the winter. Williams wishes the diagnosis would've come sooner from the Redskins staff that examines him.
00:30:25 6/5/2019
We look at the stars of Skins OTA's week 2. Anytime now, HBO...will it be the Redskins or Raiders for Hard Knocks?
00:21:29 5/30/2019
Washington Post Redskins Reporter Les Carpenter tells us the Redskins hoped Foster would be a potential locker room leader...but Foster's torn ACL means we'll never know for this season.
00:14:57 5/23/2019
Zion Williamson goes to the New Orleans Pelicans while the Washington Wizards pick 9th in the 2019 NBA Draft. The Nationals struggle. Colt McCoy is well enough to start practicing again but must compete with Case Keenum and Dwayne Haskins for the starting job.
00:37:25 5/15/2019
Valor Head Coach Benji McDowell - and Monumental Sports' Jeffrey Bowler - tell us about the team's new season and the state of the Arena Football League
00:35:45 5/8/2019
Rookie QB Dwayne Haskins gets Redskins fans excited again...will he start? Caps fans remain heartbroken there was no back-to-back. Peter Hassett of Russian Machine Never Breaks has analysis.
00:28:50 5/1/2019
Will the 'Skins stick with their #15 pick, or try to move up to get Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins? We go over that and other questions on the eve of the 2019 NFL Draft
00:47:06 4/23/2019
The Caps need a strong game-4 to show the Hurricanes they mean business. Peter Hassett of "Russian Machine Never Breaks" joins us to talk Redskins schedule, Tiger's Masters victory and is it time to seriously consider firing the Nats' manager?
00:41:44 4/16/2019

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