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I'm looking at a few of my investment accounts this morning and one of the things I've invested in this year is cryptocurrency. As of this recording, Bitcoin is over $17,000. But, what I want to talk with you about today has nothing to do with the financial markets. The only reason I bring that up is because I'm amazed at how often people are willing to speculate in something as volatile as Bitcoin and, yet, when you ask them how they're investing in themselves, all you hear is crickets. Now, I don't know where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going to be in the next 12 months and longer. Depending on when you're listening to this, it could have skyrocketed even higher or completely crashed and burned. But, what I do know is that finding a way to invest in yourself this year will always prove to be a good investment. So, today, I thought I'd cover six ways you can and should invest in yourself. Again, this is not going to have anything to do with any financial markets. I am a financial advisor by trade but I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk with you about the best asset you'll ever have - yourself. And, if that's truly the case, you're going to want to invest more heavily in yourself than you have in the past. This year alone (2017), I will have invested roughly $30,000 in myself. Some of you may think that's low and some of you will think that's high. Either way, it's all relative. The more you can invest in yourself the better. In fact, I recommend earmarking funds from your paycheck each month to invest in yourself - at least 10%. So let's talk about 6 ways to invest in yourself. www.orderofman.com/FFN088 Please leave us a rating and review!

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Everyone these days wants to be an entrepreneur and while I applaud their desire to go out and create something from nothing, too many men are in it for the wrong reason. Today, I'm joined by my friend and founder of Origin USA to talk about the meaning of entrepreneurship. This one is unlike a lot of the podcast you see on entrepreneurship where you'll hear the ten tactics every entrepreneur needs to know. We go deep into why entrepreneurship is so important, why you should and shouldn't go into business for yourself, why vision is so critical, ethical responsibilities and obligations, and why creating a business without compromise is so critical.?? SHOW HIGHLIGHTS The value of entrepreneurship ?Why someone should become an entrepreneur? Why someone should not become an entrepreneur? Why striping away your ego is critical to your success? Developing a belief in yourself? How to develop more confidence? How to use faith to take more calculated risks ?Our moral and ethical responsibilities as business owners ?The value of resourcefulness? How to find new pathways? How to revive old ways of doing things and "modernizing" them? The value of a challenge and competition? Why creating a business "without compromise" is a huge competitive edge? How to connect with influential people using timing and value PETE ROBERTS Gentlemen, today I am joined my my friend, entrepreneur, and founder of Origin USA, Mr. Pete Roberts. I came across what Pete was doing through Jocko (who is Pete's partner) and was immediately inspired by his story and message behind him and his company, Origin. This man is not just an entrepreneur but someone who has meaning and significance about the work he's doing to bring manufacturing back to his hometown and create a product that is entirely made in the US, without compromise. More than anything, today you're going to hear why he does what he does, where his idea of vision, ingenuity, and discipline come from and how the notion of business ownership ties into our responsibility as men to protect, provide, and preside in our homes, our businesses, and our communities. Again, this isn't a checklist-type interview of everything an entrepreneur should know and do but a conversation about ideas, responsibility, and creativity. Listen to the stories and the message Pete has to share, implement it, and I guarantee you'll live a more fulfilled life and help those you come in contact with along the way do the same. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/149 Website: http://orderofman.com
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One topic I see talked about more than just about any other is that of building confidence. It seems that more and more men are lacking the confidence they desire in their lives. I think there's a lot of reasons for this so today, I thought I'd share with you why we seem to be experiencing more of that, and give you some very quick and actionable tips in order to develop confidence and, of course, the results that stem from it. More than anything, you've got to understand that you are not entitle to confidence. I know you may think you know that but it's amazing to me how many men seem to think confidence is something men are born with and that some men are just inherently confident. I think that has some truth to it. Some men are born with a predisposition to be more confident in their lives but I believe the bigger variable to building and developing confidence is the ability to take action despite fear. www.orderofman.com/FFN091 Please leave us a rating and review!
00:55:33 1/18/2018
It's that time of the year again when the masses begin their new year's resolutions. Fitness, exercise, and nutrition is always at the top of people's New Year's Resolutions but all too often people fail within the first couple of weeks or months to stick to their plans. Today, I am joined by my friend and fitness coach, Josiah Novak, to talk about nutrition and exercise and why people fall short of their objectives. We cover why they fail, how to create the right environment for success, how to get back on track when you fall off, and how to create a true transformation in your life.   SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Why people fail with their health resolutions Why we look for the magic pill Common health challenges to overcome How to create the right environment for success The basics of establishing healthy nutrition and exercise habits Why health is usually the first thing to go How to develop more discipline How to get back on track when you fall off Identifying your values to keep you on track Why you should focus on the process rather than the results How to find the correct motivators How to maintain consistency and focus Best tips for exercise and nutrition?   JOSIAH NOVAK Gentlemen, I'm stoked to introduce you to my guest today, Mr. Josiah Novak. I met Josiah through a mutual friend a little over a year ago and through getting to know him over the past year, I can tell you he is the real deal. I think it's easy for us to assume that these fitness guys have always had the perfect physique but what I admire about Josiah is that he has gone through his own transformation of losing over 80lbs and is now dedicated to helping men around the world do the same in their lives. You're going to hear that he's not all marketing and hype and another one of "those guys" but a real person who has learned to take a practical no-nonsense approach to the way we move, how we exercise, and what we eat.? Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/148 Website: http://orderofman.com
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Most of you know by now that we have live meetup in Nashville coming up January 26th and 27th. It is going to be an absolutely killer event and I want you there with us. So today, I thought I'd pull back the curtain a little bit and share with you some of the details so you know what we're up to. If you've been to one conference, you've been to all of them but what we wanted to do here is create something truly incredible because the last thing I want to do is sit in a hot, stuffy room for two days and be talked at. I can't imagine you'd want to do that either. So, at the risk, of giving away all of our ideas on how to run an effective meetup for men (unlike a lot of these conferences), let me break down eight things about this event you're going to want to a part of. www.orderofman.com/FFN090 Please leave us a rating and review!
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Self-mastery is something I talk about a lot. There are a ton of external sources that seem to be fighting against us at any given time but, even worse than that, is that we seem to be our own worst enemy at times. The best way to combat that is to learn to master your natural tendency to do things you know you shouldn't. Today, I'm joined by my friend, John Dudley, to talk about archery which, at first glance, doesn't seem to have to do with self-mastery. But that couldn't be further from the truth. The amount of dedication and discipline this man has towards become a master of his craft is inspiring and something we can all learn from. We talk about becoming a more well-rounded man, the power that comes from honing a craft, why coach-ability is critical, becoming a lifelong learner, and how to master yourself through bow hunting. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Connecting with nature through bow hunting Becoming more a well-rounded man Taking ownership of your life The power that comes from honing a craft Why coach-ability is critical Ethical responsibilities we have The value of knowing where your food comes from Where training comes into play The relationship between want and waste Why repetition is so important Being a lifelong learner Holding yourself to a higher standard JOHN DUDLEY Guys, I'm stoked to bring you this conversation with one of the most qualified men to talk with you about mastery and discipline. I recently picked up archery and, in fact, I harvested my first deer earlier this year. I underestimated what it would take to make that hunt a success but a lot of what I learned, I learned from my guest, John Dudley. He's been involved in archery since he was 10 years old (he talks about his first hunt) and since went on to shoot professionally for 20 years with over 120 events worldwide including gold and silver medal with the US archery team. He's dedicated his life to archery and you're going to hear the passion in his voice as he is striving to become a master in his and show us how to master ours. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/147 Website: http://orderofman.com
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Most of you know by now that we have live meetup in Nashville coming up January 26th and 27th. It is going to be an absolutely killer event and I want you there with us. So today, I thought I'd pull back the curtain a little bit and share with you some of the details so you know what we're up to. If you've been to one conference, you've been to all of them but what we wanted to do here is create something truly incredible because the last thing I want to do is sit in a hot, stuffy room for two days and be talked at. I can't imagine you'd want to do that either. So, at the risk, of giving away all of our ideas on how to run an effective meetup for men (unlike a lot of these conferences), let me break down eight things about this event you're going to want to a part of. www.orderofman.com/FFN089 Please leave us a rating and review!
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I want you to take a serious, truthful look at your life. When is the last time you went on an adventure? I'm not talking about a date with your wife, or trying a new restaurant, or you happened to take a new way to work. I'm talking about a real adventure that scared you, pushed you, and made you feel alive? Today I'm joined by adventure enthusiast, Laval St. Germain to talk about why it's critical we "step out, and shove off." Today we cover establishing new perspectives for life challenges, why most men are content with living vicariously through others, the danger of cognitive distortions, and how to live a life of adventure. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS What calls a man to adventure Overcoming excuses Eliminating discomfort Weight risk vs. reward Creating a new perspective for life's challenges Why we have a desire to prove ourselves The concept of practicing misfortune Mental preparation The danger of cognitive distortions Rising to the level of our training Finding experts Why living vicariously through others is never enough Avoiding comparison What exactly is delayed activation LAVAL ST. GERMAIN Today, I'm joined by adventurer and explorer extraordinaire, Laval St. Germain. This man is so qualified to talk with us about living a life of adventure. His resume includes being the only Canadian to climb Everest without supplemental oxygen, climbing an skiing Iraq's highest peak, the fastest ever crossing North Atlantic solo row, climbing the highest peaks on 6 of the 7 continents among other amazing accomplishments. He spent 53 days rowing across the Atlantic, and lost three fingers to frostbite. He's a mountaineer, an endurance athlete, and a pilot. What more can I say about this guy? He's incredible and inspiring. I know you'll walk away inspired to live your own life of adventure. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/146 Website: http://orderofman.com
00:44:45 1/2/2018
Finances is such a huge component of living your life to the fullest. But in my experience, it's often one of the most overlooked. Not because men don't believe it's not important but because it's often complex and challenging to get your money to work for you. One of the most commonly asked questions I get is, "What book would you recommend for personal finances?" Although there's a ton to choose from, there hasn't been one that I consistently feel good about recommending. That is until now. My friend, Deacon Hayes, the author of You Can Retire Early joins me to talk about developing a personal financial plan, how to sift through all the financial noise, three investment vehicles to consider (including a quick conversation on Cryptocurrency), and how you too can retire early. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS What is "retirement" and how is it changing The importance of finding your why Knowing the right time to retire How to develop a personalized plan When and if to hire a financial advisor Three must-avoid pitfalls of financial planning Software available to help you build wealth Why Cryptocurrency should fall into your plan How to sift through all the noise The most effective way to pay off debt Three investment categories you should invest in The power of the right environment How to deal with financial setbacks Commonly held financial myths DEACON HAYES Today, my guest is personal finance blogger and author Deacon Hayes. I actually met Deacon years ago when I launched my first podcast many of you don't even know about. We've since had the opportunity to talk about blogging, podcasting, and of course money (which is something we're both passionate about). Deacon has been featured in Yahoo Finance, US News, Investopedia, CNN Money, and many more and has recently wrote a book, You Can Retire Early. You're going to hear in this conversation why Deacon is well-qualified to talk about money and finances and learn through his approach that the financial conversations and planning needed aren't really as complex as many institutions would have you believe. Get the note pads and your dusty old financial plans out and learn how you can retire early. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/145 Website: http://orderofman.com
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Whether it's the argument that you got in with you wife, the way you treated your children, how you may have handled a situation at work, or with a client, there's no doubt that all of us have faced guilt in our lives. This is natural and, actually, a productive emotion to experience. I know a lot of you, when I say that guilt is productive, are wondering what exactly I'm talking about but I firmly believe that the range of emotions we experience - even the negative emotions are helpful. Negative (as well as positive emotions) are simply indicators of our lives. They tell us what's going well, what's not going well and where we need to focus our attention and energy in order to produce new outcomes. It's when we dwell on these emotions or allow them to cripple us from doing the work we know we should be doing that it becomes a problem. And, I see this time and time again with the men within The Order. They make a mistake they regret and, rather than learning from it, they wallow in their own self-pity and completely incapacitate themselves and their ability to move on and improve as a result of their mistake. Look, I get it. I've made mistakes that I haven't been proud of but dwelling on the past does nothing to enhance your future and there certainly isn't anything you can do about it other than you those mistakes as fuel to alter the course of your life moving forward. And, that's what I want to talk with you about today. I want to talk with you about three very simple steps you can use to overcome the destructive power of unchecked emotions. Let me be clear though, I'm not talking about hiding emotions or just getting over it. I'm talking about using these powerful feelings we all experience to do the work of a man. See, there seems to be two sides of the fence on this. One side says, "Men don't express emotions." The other side says, "Men need to be vulnerable." I don't sit fully with either camp. I think there's a time and place for everything. There's a time I can and need to be vulnerable and a time, where I need to simply get over it and re-engage in the work that needs to be done. www.orderofman.com/FFN087 Please leave us a rating and review!
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When I talk about "reaching your full potential," it's a challenge because reaching your full potential is pretty difficult to define, and it's a moving target. Once you think you've reached it, you realize you've only scratched the surface on what you can do. Today, I talk with someone who is striving every day to do some amazing things in his life and helping you do the same. This is a powerful, powerful episode where we deep dive into some uncomfortable conversations about taking charge of your life and producing big. We cover the excuses we like to tell ourselves, learning how to take imperfect action, how to dominate and crush competition, and striving to reach your full potential. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS What is the American Dream Overcoming your excuses Learning to take imperfect action How to dominate and crush the competition The difference between being broke versus being poor How to thrive on disadvantage Increasing ambition Finding your hidden genius The power of mentorship How to find and add more value Tapping into your fullest potential Developing self-confidence Building a proper relationship with money Becoming more decisive BEDROS KEUILIAN Men, I am so honored to introduce you to our guest today, Mr. Bedros Keuilian. He's a coach. He's a mentor. He's an author. But, more importantly he is an owner in several multi-million dollar business including the owner and founder of Fit Body Bootcamp which is one of the largest and most successful franchises in the world. ??You're going to hear the tremendous odds this man overcome including migrating to the US, eating out of dumpsters, having lice washed out of his hair by his mother with fuel, and so much more.?? He's been featured in Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, Dr. Oz, Huffington Post, and so many more publications and today he's here to talk with us about reaching our full potential. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/144 Website: http://orderofman.com
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