Daves of Thunder

Shek and Feeney meet at the Farmers Market for a special Father's Day episode. Listen as they share stories, advice, and many pitchers of beer.

01:38:00 6/18/2018

Past Episodes

The Daves are back for the Entrée portion of episode 70 live from the swank LA restaurant where they enjoy a glorious porterhouse steak, some pasta Bolognese and quite a bit of Rosé. The guys reminisce about the genesis of their relationship as chums in LA including a recounting of the time Dave gave a woman the treatment, a spirited debate on who would win in some theoretical head to head combat, and some 1980s action movie analysis. Luckily they decided not to run out on the bill, which we learn is apparently not a foregone conclusion.
01:05:00 7/16/2018
Moments after wrapping up episode 69 The Daves head out to a swank LA restaurant to spin on the road as they enjoy some Rosé and await their steak and pasta. Enjoy this hors d'oeuvre and don't miss the entrée this Monday.
00:14:09 7/12/2018
The Daves brave the brutal LA heat wave to spin episode 69 from the dewy confines of the Podcast One studio. After it is revealed that Blaster Girl's Mrs. Feeney-imposed suspension has extended into its second week the conversation turns to the whereabouts of one Donovan, whom is also absent. The search for Donovan leads to some phone calls that uncover disturbing news and ignite new rivalries within the DoT family. As the show wraps up, Dameshek recounts his Independence Day trip to Disneyland and we hear some magnificent fan submitted songs.
00:57:09 7/9/2018
The Daves return to the Podcast One studios where a dewy Dameshek and a very hungry spirit join David Feeney for this week's episode as they explore the nuances of Tinder, the lore of Los Angeles grocery stores, settling hash, Dameshek's drunken escapades and much more. Let's Cha Cha!
00:58:53 7/2/2018
Shek and Feeney are spinnin' in an all new studio and they open with a recap of what happened after the mics went off at the Farmers Market. They also review some musical offerings from fans and take a call from 'Bald' Bryan Bishop for some hash settling. The guys then welcome Blaster Girl into the studio for some Jacuzzi Thoughts ..of sorts. Mo Dameshek also joins the show for a final installment of 'Mo reads Bukowski'. Email us: DavesOfThunderPodcast@gmail.com DavesOfThunder.com
01:00:26 6/25/2018
Dameshek and Feeney are back in the studio. They receive a special message from Shaquille O'Neal and hear some disturbing clues about Jacuzzi Pete. Plus, the guys receive some listener poetry and make some new offers regarding Mitchell's Daves of Thunder tattoo. Dameshek also pays tribute to some of Feeney's past work.
00:50:00 6/21/2018
Shek and Feeney kibitz about Feeney's rise in Hollywood- from writing the Reese Witherspoon movie "Hot Pursuit" to making pages for "New Girl" and "The Mick." The guys then dive into Dameshek's family situation before he unholsters the blaster for the Creep of the Week. Also, the Daves make offers to caller Mitch to get a DoT tattoo and Feeney presents the next edition of his letters to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Email us: DavesOfThunderPodcast@gmail.com DavesOfThunder.com
00:57:00 6/11/2018
Dave Dameshek and Dave Feeney are back on the air for the first time in 7 years. The guys discuss some of the major changes in their lives since the last episode. We also hear from Mo Dameshek and Feeney shares a letter he wrote to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Email us: DavesOfThunderPodcast@gmail.com DavesOfThunder.com
00:58:00 6/4/2018
Shek Republic and Feenster's Union rejoice! Dave Dameshek and Dave Feeney make their triumphant return on June 4, 2018. Subscribe now!
00:01:10 6/1/2018

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