Vegas gets a hockey team. Movie Night & Roger Moore, lost wedding rings, & how to cheat at chess.

00:52:56 5/28/2017

Past Episodes

Stephen Fry, Ray Comfort, traditional comedy props, & how hard it is to be God.
00:50:03 5/20/2018
Tom Arnold's quest for Trump videos, Penn & Teller slot machine stories, the Jerry Lewis estate auction, The Happiness Curve, & 36 Arguments For The Existence Of God.
00:57:33 5/16/2018
The Director's Cut premiere with Ron Jeremy; Mother's Day; & we're gonna be phlebotomists.
00:54:18 5/13/2018
Avengers: Infinity War, saying goodbye to Bob Dorough, & things Penn likes.
00:57:13 5/9/2018
Goudeau's rocket science adventure, Teller's Macbeth, & what to do during emergency landings.
01:05:16 5/6/2018
Penn fails his carny talking idols. Matt's gets put in his place by an audience member. Red Alert: Bob Dylan makes whiskey now. Good-bye, sober Penn?
01:03:03 5/2/2018
Penn's addresses hypocrisy... again. A non-violent Penn took down a tour crew member years ago. Matt has an issue with a neighbor.
01:03:03 4/29/2018
Annie Baker's The Flick, the CW's Black Lighting, & empathy in art.
00:55:39 4/25/2018
Steven Banks, Johnny Thompson's new book & documentary, & Penn sees David Byrne's current tour.
00:49:44 4/22/2018
Tony & Max Fitzpatrick return with stories from the sets of their movies & television projects, Houdini, & the best advice from the best directors.
00:54:02 4/18/2018

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