Fight Back with Barbara Boxer

Barbara and Nicole spend a moment reflecting on the life of former first lady Barbara Bush before discussing Trump's love of people who love him. Then the Senator talks with comedian and political humorist Will Durst about Conor Lamb's victory in the Pennsylvania special election. And Nicole's hot race focuses on Massachusetts Democratic Congressional candidate Daniel Koh and the importance of his family's immigrant story to his campaign.

00:53:14 4/19/2018

Past Episodes

Barbara and Nicole recap all the difficulties we're seeing at the border and talk with friend Christine Pelosi about the importance of following the money and not losing our compassion. Then, Senator Boxer speaks with Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon to talk about doing what's right when no one else is willing to stand up and do it. Nicole's Hot Race talks with Erin Vilardi, founder of VoteRunLead, about women running for seats and not sit in dysfunction.
01:05:55 6/21/2018
Barbara and Nicole catch up on their eventful weeks and the importance of denying freedom to NO ONE. Then, the Senator talks with author Ana Marie Cox about her podcast and her work and addressing our differences without arguing. And Nicole speak with Dr. Nadia Hashimi who is running for the House in Maryland's 6th Congressional District and the assault we're under from the Trump administration.
01:16:41 6/14/2018
Barbara and Nicole wrap up Super Tuesday and the outlook of California in November. Then, Barbara talks with Historian and author Douglas Brinkley about History's affects on his work and its effect on today's politics. After, Nicole talks to co-founder of March For Our Lives, Charlie Mirsky about the importance of young activism.
01:10:36 6/7/2018
Barbara and Nicole talk about their upcoming FX TV show and the importance of teaching character. Then the Senator talks with former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes on his time in the White House and his take on the state of the Nation today. Then Nicole talks to Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety in America.
01:03:50 5/31/2018
Barbara and Nicole tackle Russiagate as Trump takes a page out of "How to Be a Dictator". They also discuss the optimism of the incoming Blue Wave. The Senator also talks with Senator Barbara Mikulski about the importance and history of women in Congress and what their future looks like. Then, Nicole's Hot Race focuses on Cindy Axne and her race for Congress in Iowa's 3rd district and her grassroots approach.
01:08:54 5/24/2018
Barbara and Nicole address the dangers of our less-than-do-nothing congress and living in a post Facebook leak social world. Then the Senator talks to journalist and commentator E.J. Dionne about their history together and the challenge in reaching Trump supporters. Then Nicole talks to Leslie Cockburn about her candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives for Virginia's 5th district for the 2018 midterm elections.
00:59:36 5/17/2018
Barbara and Nicole catch us up on the Iran fiasco, as well as the "Tale of Two Michaels." Then, the Senator talks to the incomparable Suze Orman about how she built her empire and her new podcast. Nicole's Hot Race brings us into the world of Elissa Slotkin who brings us additional insight as a former CIA Officer now fighting for Michigan's 8th Congressional District.
01:00:33 5/10/2018
Barbara and Nicole wrap up recent events involving Trump and the drama with his doctors. Then, Senator Boxer speaks with Dr. John Gartner about the question of President Trump's mental health and his ability to serve. And Nicole talks to challenger Katie Hill who is running against Steve Knight in California.
01:03:55 5/3/2018
Comedian and activist Chelsea Handler joins Barbara and Nicole to talk about the importance of getting active, voting, and participating in today's issues. Then, Nicole talks with's founder Andy Bernstein about why registering to vote is so important if you want to make real change.
01:06:26 4/26/2018
Barbara and Nicole round-up the news of Paul Ryan's not seeking re-election and an incoming "blue wave". Then Senator Boxer talks to former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks about our current Russiagate scandal and the raid of the office of Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen. Then Nicole talks with Representative Eric Swalwell about his must race win in congress this cycle.
01:01:06 4/12/2018

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