Fight Back with Barbara Boxer

Fighting for Sanity with Sen. Chris Murphy and Lauren Underwood

Fight Back welcome Senator Chris Murphy and House challenger Lauren Underwood to the show but first Nicole and Barbara look at Ivanka Trump's attempted Planned Parenthood bribery and the state of Donald Trump's cabinet. Then, Sen. Chris Murphy and Sen. Boxer talk about his being one of the youngest Senators serving currently, social changes being lead by young people, President Trump's empty promises, and how gun violence is going to affect him and Republicans in upcoming elections. Plus, House challenger Lauren Underwood talks to Nicole about her candidacy in Illinois as the first progressive woman of color to run this race.

00:52:38 4/5/2018

Past Episodes

Barbara and Nicole spend a moment reflecting on the life of former first lady Barbara Bush before discussing Trump's love of people who love him. Then the Senator talks with comedian and political humorist Will Durst about Conor Lamb's victory in the Pennsylvania special election. And Nicole's hot race focuses on Massachusetts Democratic Congressional candidate Daniel Koh and the importance of his family's immigrant story to his campaign.
00:53:14 4/19/2018
Barbara and Nicole round-up the news of Paul Ryan's not seeking re-election and an incoming "blue wave". Then Senator Boxer talks to former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks about our current Russiagate scandal and the raid of the office of Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen. Then Nicole talks with Representative Eric Swalwell about his must race win in congress this cycle.
01:01:06 4/12/2018
Barbara and Nicole Boxer fight back, going over Rick Santorum's response to the kids who march for their lives. Then, Senator Dianne Feinstein joins Senator Boxer to talk about the march, her career fighting for gun control, and Donald Trump's empty promises. And this week's Hot Race has Nicole Boxer talking with EMILY's List President Stephanie Schriok about her work to get pro choice Democratic women elected to office.
01:06:32 3/29/2018
Coming soon!
00:01:05 3/20/2018

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