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Erica Rhodes shares the benefits of being a Lululemon employee; including flying trapeze classes.

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00:01:30 6/13/2019

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Shaq shares how Jerry West got Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers. http://bit.ly/30qyeAi 

00:01:10 7/15/2019
Chael reviews the fallout from last weekend's Junior Dos Santos/Francis Ngannou fight.
00:01:50 7/14/2019
No workouts and champagne makes Heather a little something, something.
00:01:35 7/13/2019
Steve and his wife reminisce on the fun they had at the George Strait concert in Las Vegas, and what happened after the show on Strait's tour bus.
00:01:20 7/12/2019
JoAnna Garcia Swisher's daughter keeps telling people about a bun that's not in the oven.
00:01:35 7/12/2019
The U.S. Women's National Team's goalkeeper, Alyssa Naeher, calls in to discuss the team's journey during the FIFA Women's World Cup!
00:00:40 7/11/2019
Chael talks about Robert Lineker's release from the UFC.
00:01:15 7/11/2019
Heather is starting to suspect that her family fell victim to what's happening at the resorts.
00:01:25 7/10/2019
Ever wonder why Sudafed and razors are locked up when you go to the store? Steve explains all!
00:00:45 7/10/2019
Keltie shares her secrets and memories from cosmetology school, including the not-so-pretty moments.
00:01:25 7/9/2019


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